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July 20, 2015

INTRODUCING: Clectaverse - Share your collections and create communities around the things you love

Introducing our newest blog advertiser Clectaverse! Clectaverse is an awesome online tool to help organize your collections, see what everyone else is collecting and join or create communities dedicated to your favorite collectibles!


Whatever you collect from Anime to Zoids and everything in between, yes Smurfs too, then Clectaverse is for you. Upload your collections and daily haul to one beautiful and engaging location to begin your journey of discovery.


Bring together your collections online and share them across the pop culture universe. Let everyone see how you own that rocket firing Boba Fett or that you are looking for a Cosplay idea. Ask for help identifying or pricing, or simply start a battle on which Trek film is best.


The cards you upload enable you to discover vibrant communities where you can compare your collectibles, buy, sell and trade and generally feel the loving embrace of like minded collectors. If the community doesn't exist then kudos, create it and be the founder, someone else is bound to like Battlefield Earth.

Argonauts Resin: Toysrevil 10 x10 Celebration Exclusive Nymph Release

To celebrate Toysrevil's 10th anniversary, Argonaut resins has scaled down their now Mariposa figure into a smaller Nymph size, and Toysrevil has it up in their shop! 
More pics and a link to the shop are here:

The Minatorg x BOObotcher & The Forces of Dorkness

For thousands of centuries the Minatorg has been trapped on planet P.  A cybernetic organism designed for a war long forgotten. The evils of hell directly injected through carbon nanotubes into the nervous system of this bio-robo. The Minatorg needs to find a way off planet P. The planet orbits a black hole and has existed in an anomalous state of time. Time is running out as the planets decaying orbit draws it closer to being sucked into the black hole…

This first time collaboration was created by Boyd Braden a.k.a. BOObotcher (Brooklyn, NY), with the sculpt, cast, and production being handled by Scott Kinnebrew a.k.a. The Forces of Dorkess (Austin, TX).  The Minatorg, who stands 4 1/2” tall, has 2 points of magnetic articulation allowing you to position both his clawed arm and blaster arm in any position you want.  Each figure is cast in transparent red resin, bagged with a custom glossy header card designed by BOObotcher, and assembled using otherworldly red chrome staples.

Limited to 13 pieces, the Minatorg will be available beginning Friday July 24, 2015 at 10 pm EST at Forces of Dorkness' webstore for $25 each (plus shipping). 

MICFITS x ALAVAKA - Devils Head Productions

DHP has teamed up with the punk rock underground experience know as The Micfits to give you an awesome Disney themed treat. The Maleficent tribute features an Alavaka painted in metallic tones to mimic the classic villain from the 1959 animated feature Sleeping Beauty. Also included is the evil black raven (Diablo) who is Maleficent's confidante and assistant. Finally a set of two 5 x 7 inch prints featuring a Maleficent themed Micfits character accompanies the toy. There is also a secret evil chase version. Grab one while you can because these will not last long. Available in both the DHP webshop and Micfits webshop