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July 2, 2015

Mean Machine custom Munny by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser is a fan of 2000AD, since he was young. One of the more infamous characters from 2000AD is Mean Machine, from the famous Fink Gang. Jon-Paul was commissioned to recreate the character, using a Kidrobot 7" Munny. Using a bit of plastic tubing, wire, sheeting, epoxy resin and even a couple of LEGO bits, Jon-Paul was able to create a nice sculpted base for him to start adding painted detail on. Sticking to his traditional Black and white color palette, Jon-Paul created a great representation of Mean Machine, in Munny format. Photos of this piece were taken by Justin Allfree, Jon-Paul's go to photographer.

Lady Kroenen Custom Bella Delamere by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Commissions by artists come in all shapes and sizes. Turning a customer request into a piece of art, using a base that was created by, often times, a different artist is not an easy thing to do. Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest commissioned piece is "Lady Kroenen". Using a Bella Delamere vinyl figure, designed by Doktor A, Jon-Paul was asked to create a Kroenen inspired piece. Jon-Paul individually drew and painted each of the roses seen on the piece, which took a bit longer then Jon-Paul originally had planned. Highlighting the existing lines and features of the original figure, Jon-Paul's meticulous work turned out to be well worth the effort, as the final completed piece looks quite amazing. Photos were taken by Justin Allfree, Jon-Paul's go to photographer for all his completed pieces. For anyone who would like to commission Jon-Paul Kaiser for a piece, be sure to contact him through his website and get on the list.