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June 18, 2015


Pretty awesome custom toys and kitbashes available now at
Check out this Media Assault kitbash figure here:

GNAW-X #5 by Plaseebo

 Plaseebo's latest release is called GNAW-X #5. A one of a kind vinyl figure featuring a Plaseebo "Gnaw" head on a Skull Head Butt "X" body, with red glass inset eyes. As with all of Plaseebo's customs, GNAW-X #5 features an internal motion activated LED, powered by replaceable batteries, to along with the colorful paint job. Priced at $350, the piece is signed and dated 2015 and is available now through Plaseebo's online shop.

Permanent Guest by Coarse Toys

Coarse Toys next release is called Permanent Guest. Initially being released for pre-order in 2 different versions, Endless Shadows and Promised Bliss, each version is limited to just 345 sets. Priced at HK$ 1540 (~$200), these sets are expected to ship in Autumn of 2015. It has been some time since Coarse had a non-Omen public release, choosing to catch up on shipping outstanding orders instead and collectors are chomping at the bit to pick up a piece that isn't an owl. With the Endless Shadows version featuring a black and gold color scheme, the Promised Bliss version  will feature a more color palette closer to the Loser version of Coarse Figures. Measuring around 20" x 8" x 8", each set features 2 vinyl figures: a deceitful fish sitting in a bathtub and the innocent racoon pulling the tub along by a string. As with most Coarse releases, the story behind the figures is quite interesting. Be sure to head on over to Coarse Life and read up. While the Friends and Family pre-order has already occurred, the general Coarse HKG website release will take place on Thursday, June 17th, 2015 at 8:59am LA Time (or 11:59am in New York). Those interested in picking up either of these sets, be sure to be quick. For those who aren't a fan of either of the available color schemes, there will be a retail version available at a later date and most likely some special convention releases as well. Be sure to follow Coarse Toys on social media, as well as Tenacious Toys to stay up to date with any news.