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June 17, 2015

The Walking Dead and Hot Fuzz figures by Vinyl Idolz

Coming in September, Vinyl Idolz is going to be introducing some Hot Fuzz and Walking Dead figures. First up are the characters Nicholas Angela and Danny Butterman from Hot Fuzz. Both characters are a FUNKO stylized version and will retail around $20 each. Also available to purchase in September will be a few of the main characters from The Walking Dead television series. Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and Michonne round out the characters to be released. The Vinyl Idolz line of figures is a product of Vinyl Sugar, a FUNKO and designer based company. These figures may be available through Tenacious Toys, so be sure to sign up for the Newsletter to stay up to date with any and all the upcoming releases through Tenacious Toys.

Acid Rain Buddha by Josh Mayhem

Josh Mayhem's latest completed commission is a Custom Big Bad Buddha titled "Acid Rain Buddha". Featuring a very colorful palette, typical to Josh's Acid rain pieces, Acid Rain Buddha sits atop a black platform. With the piece completely covered in UV reactive paint, this piece glows nicely under blacklight. Josh also decided to sculpt a smaller gourd for the figure to hold because the original gourd was a bit too large for what Josh wanted. For those who want a commissioned piece of their own, be sure to contact Josh Mayhem and get the ball rolling.

20 Days and Counting - Master of the Deep Kickstarter

World of Rivals "Master of the Deep" Kickstarter is going live in less than a month. Get a behind the scenes peek at their Facebook and Instagram