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June 2, 2015

Metal Slug Beard Custom by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser recently delivered a custom Metal Slug Beard Kaiju piece. Originally created by Paul Kaiju and Toy Art Gallery, Jon-Paul was commissioned by a UK collector to paint up this large Kaiju piece. With many Kaiju pieces being multicolored and toned, having Jon-Paul add his black and white paint application to this piece, really brings out specific details and textures of the original design. Metal Slug Beard measures around 10" by 10" and took Jon-Paul a bit of time to paint around all the details of this piece. Justin Allfree was the photographer who took the wonderful photos.

Preorders for Forces of Dorkness Chewquila Customs Go Live Sunday June 7 at 8PM EST

Chewquila is a custom figure designed and produced in the USA by Scott Kinnebrew of Forces of Dorkness. This piece is based on the 8-inch tall Muttpop Tequila vinyl toy and features a handmade bandolier, resin bowcaster and the furry Wookiee suit treatment.

A limited number of Chewquilas will be made, and they will be offered at a price of $200 each with preorders beginning June 7th, 2015 at 8PM EST. The preorder window will be 2 weeks long, after which no further preorders will be taken. Scott will complete the work approximately 2 weeks after the preorder window closes.

Your will find Chewquila here on the Tenacious Toys Super Series Sundays page:

For other dorky collectibles, check the Forces of Dorkness Shop:


Urban Vinyl: Daniel on his collection and how it began | eBay UK

Before we spoke to Daniel, we weren't sure what to expect. We knew from what we'd seen him selling that he's very serious about Urban Vinyl (also known as Designer Vinyl) and that he describes himself as 'obsessed' with it. The word obsession is something that is usually perceived in a negative light but, when we speak to him, we find someone likable, knowledgeable and genuinely passionate about something that is such a great part of his life.  

Read the full post by clicking below:

Urban Vinyl: Daniel on his collection and how it began | eBay UK

Instagram Posts About Sara Harvey - @4thelovoftoys

Click here to see the original post on Instagram (@instagram) • Instagram photos and videos

“My personal collection is quite large,” explains designer, illustrator and stylist Sara Harvey (@4theloveoftoys) of the assortment of toys she's pieced together over the last 15 years. “I have no idea how many I have, but it’s in the thousands.” Far from the children’s playthings many think of when they hear the word ‘toy,’ the objects that fill Sara’s home in San Jose, California, are better considered works of art. “I started collecting designer toys in the late ‘90s and early 2000s when my favorite artists started creating them from their illustrations,” says Sara. She shares her collection with the world through her photos, complete with information about the artists. And as she composes, she focuses on bright colors and the emotions they evoke. Her photos often include a personal cameo as she inserts herself — complete with vivid clothing and ever-changing colored hair — to add a sense of story and scale.

Above all, though, Sara says that the toys bring her happiness. “At the heart of it all, I love how they make me feel. I’m a giant child. Life can get way too serious.” Photo by @4theloveoftoys

Bun Bun Exclusive by Brent Nolasco now available

CLICK HERE to buy the 7" resin Bun Bun by Brent Nolasco. $75 each, limited to 7 pieces.