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May 14, 2015

spring calaverita 2015 from The Beast Brothers on Storenvy

Spring (Calaverita) is finally here! This bright colorway is limited to only 20 pieces and will go as fast as the season in which it is named after.

Calaverita is designed by the Beast Brothers and is 5" of soft vinyl, packaged in clear bag with header card, made in Japan. Click the link below to visit the Beast Brothers store:

Goodleg x Small Angry Monster War on Prehis Battlepacks

In just hours (5pm EST) Goodleg Toys and Small Angry Monster will be unleashing their latest collaboration, the War on Prehis Battlepacks.  The figures will come in sets each featuring a Battlesaur and a drone.  The drones will be bagged with header cards and each set comes with a WoP mini comic.  The drones and Battlesaur gear is resin and the Battlesaurs themselves are Godzilla knockoffs.

You can pick up a set starting at 5 today on the Goodleg site.

+The Highest Fever

Chewquilla by Forces of Dorkness

Forces of Dorkness, aka Scott Kinnebrew, recently delivered a commissioned piece called Chewquilla, a custom using the Muttpop Tequila. With custom dyed fur and a sculpted face, Scott also hand sewed Chewquilla's bandolier, which works to store Chewquilla's favorite space goodies. The bowcaster is also handmade by Scott. The Muttpop Tequila figure really goes well with this design and it's nice to see that the head still articulates. With all the attention that Chewquilla received after the owner posted it up on social media, Scott will likely be creating a limited run of Chewquillas which will be offered up through Tenacious Toys. So, be sure to follow Forces of Dorkness on social media, as well as Tenacious Toys. Subscribing to the Tenacious Toys newsletter is one of the best ways to stay informed with all Tenacious Toys collabs and releases.

Atomic Dunny by Cat Atomic

Cat Atomic's latest custom piece is an Atomic Dunny. Using just yellow color tones, Cat Atomic was able to create some nice depth and shading. This piece was priced at $65 and has already been sold. Be sure to follow Cat Atomic on social media for more work in the future.

Night Gamer by Gorgoloid x Plaseebo

Plaseebo is going to be offering a collaboration piece with Barry Allen Williams of Gorgoloid. Limited to 3 hand painted 7" vinyl 'Night Gamer' pieces, Barry resculpted the arms and hands, while also adding inset taxidermy eyes. Plaseebo took care of the paint application. Each piece comes signed, numbered and will be available for purchase on May 20th for $300 each. Be sure to head on over to Plaseebo's webstore to purchase one of these Plaseebo Gorgoloid Night Gamers.

UNBOXING: Review of RIVALS COG DIY figure by Go Figure News

Go Figure News reviews the RIVALS COG DIY figure. Grab your own COG here! Thanks GFN...

Gamorrean Guard custom by Scott Kinnebrew

Based off the Bad Bad Buddha the 7" tall vinyl figure by Beefy & Co. ( this Gamorrean Guard just needed to kick off his sandals and take a quick sit down from his duties in Jabba's palace.  Created by Scott using sculpy, wood, acrylic paint, styrofoam, vegan leather and vegan fur, this guy is ready to guard anyone's palace ever since that slave girl choked out his former boss with a chain.

He comes with 3 swappable weapons, and a stand to display them. 

He's available in the Forces of Dorkness store at for $400 and includes shipping in the US, interested international parties should contact Scott first for shipping costs.  

Eye Could Use a Little Hand With This by Infinite Rabbits

Inifinite Rabbits created this custom Nohwitz piece for the recent show at Rotofugi. Based on the 3D printed Nohwitz figure created by Rocketboy, Infinite Rabbits adds a signature style by incorporating tentacle-like elements seen on some of his other pieces like Android customs.

You can find the piece on the Rotofugi site here.

-The Highest Fever

*Reposting this from yesterday due to the lack of a link to the page to purchase it.