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May 9, 2015

Luke Chueh's Dissected Kickstarter FUNDED

Huge congrats to the Clutter team and to this guy right here
for a successful Kickstarter!

This KS campaign funded the creation of a 6x6x5.5 inch vinyl bear head with a cutaway to reveal a human skull.

I backed this one, I've made it no secret that Luke is one of my favorite artists.

Just wanted to give him a shout and let him know that we are overjoyed with each of his successes.

To learn more about Luke Chueh and his hard-hitting and very personal artwork, check his site here.

Luke also has a show of his painting running right now at Rotofugi. A lot of the pieces have sold, but there are still a few remaining to pick up. Check the page here.

NEW Crummy Gummy Four Faced Gummy Figure Now Available at PIQ Orlando

Artist Crummy Gummy will be reveiling his newest resin figure "The Four Faced Gummy" Crimson edition at his solo show/ signing this Saturday May 9th at PIQ in their Orlando store, located at Universal Studios Citywalk. 

His show titled "Crummy Heroes" will debut six new originals and he will be painting a Mega Munny live starting at 7pm. Only 5 FFG's will be made available at the opening and any left will be made available at PIQs website the following day.

His newest figure is said to be an alien relic of magic and mystery that can bring the ones who posses it fortune or damnation. The figure shows the four faces of Joy, Sadness, Anger and Death. They will retail for $65.

PIQ Orlando
6000 Universal Blvd #745j
Orlando, FL 32819

Phone: 407-224-2305


Now Available in the Esc-Toy Shop - Little Liberty 4 PACK

MAD Toy Design Announces New MAD*L Characters Print Series & Subscriptions

Jeremy Madl writes:

The MADL "Characters" is a series of artwork based off the many influences I grew up with.  I spent countless hours as a kid drawing my favorite heroes and villains from movies, comics, and cartoons.  This project started as a creative exercise to apply some of those different licenses to the MADL platform.  It has quickly grown into over 100 different designs and many more in the works.

With all the artwork created, I’m running limited edition 6in x 6in prints and offering them up on my store (  

Each print is signed & numbered (edition of 25 prints per/ design) and is released in small “Batches” weekly for only $20USD per 6x6 print (plus shipping).

For the bigger collectors, there’s also a limited print subscription being offered.  There are only 5 spots available (all prints in a subscription have matching #’s), and gets all 100 prints, 10 original sketches, and the peace of mind they won’t be missing out on anything.