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May 8, 2015

Suckadelic Suckpanel Grande - Bigger IS Better

Super Sucklord has taken his Bootleg, Suckpanel and Mashup series and crammed them all together in one terrible package, the Suckpanel Grande.  Each one of these measures 14" across (heights vary slightly) and are mounted on 1/2" plywood with hanging hardware mounted on the back.  Each will be produced in editions of 10 pieces. They won't be available in the online store but you can contact those jerkbags here for info and pricing.  And as always, you're an asshole if you don't buy one.

Andrew Pawley's Galaxafreak Captain Yeah!

I'll let Andrew tell you about Captain Yeah!
Captain Yeah! is a poly-cosmic inter-dimensional hero of the highest order. Born at the creation of the multiverse he exists in all realities and all time. As a member of the Galaxafreaks he gets up to all sorts of psychedelic weirdness! Who are the Galaxafreaks? Galaxafreaks will eat your brain! Then chew it up and spit it out in a reconstructed mind-freak! Trust me, you'll feel better for it! Basically the Galaxafreaks are a bunch of friends who happen to be the size of whole galaxies. However, the whole story takes place inside the brain of a cosmic universal baby who lives inside a Higgs Boson particle. Obviously!
Couldn't have said it better myself.  Captain Yeah! is a 3 inch tall, hand cast and hand painted resin figure.  Each figure comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and a drawing of the original character.  Captain Yeah! is limited to 20 pieces.

Andrew is currently running a crowdsource funding campaign for Captain Yeah! and it's psychedelic companion comic.  You can find more info about it here.

+The Highest Fever

The Offbits: The Art of Spare Parts

The Offbits are a series of model robots made from everyday hardware, designed to allow for infinite buildability.  Nuts, bolts, screws, springs, magnets combine to create adorable little robots.

Purchasing a starter kit gets you one of four robot models.  From there, the sky's the limit.  Add bits and pieces from your toolbox, discarded devices, appliances from around the house (don't do that), the engine in your dad's truck (not an activity endorsed by Offbits) or anything laying around.  Offbits also offers extension packs.  These allow for more complex character and even vehicles!

These kits are great for kids who love to tinker and build and will no doubt spark their imaginations. The Offbits Kickstarter currently has 13 days remaining.  They've met their goal and are well on the way to hitting stretch goals.  Now is a great time to jump on board and get an Offbit.


Rocketboy Nohwitz Red Tie Tenacious Exclusive 3D Printed Figure Released at 3PM EST today

This awesome 7" Nohwitz figure by Rocketboy was printed by Bold Machines and finished/painted by Rocketboy exclusively for Tenacious Toys! There are only 5 of them in this color scheme, and they will be sold for $45 each today at 3PM EST here on our Rocketboy page. Also available at same time and place will be the DIY (blank) version for $25 (see below). DIYs come packed with randomly selected hands and teeth.
At the same time, over in Chicago, there will be a SWEET custom Nohwitz show opening at Rotofugi:
Rocketboy in collaboration with Bold Machines present:

Nowhitz All
A Group Custom Toy Show
Opening Reception on Friday, May 8, 2015, 7-10pm

It's been awhile since we hosted a custom toy show, but we couldn't possibly pass up the chance to work with Chicago-based customizer Ryan McClure (aka Rocketboy Customs) on the debut of his new 3D-printed (by Bold Machines) figure, Nowhitz.
Ryan has recruited 24 talented toy customizers to give their take on his cubicle creature (the office know-it-all that absolutely knows nothing) and we can't wait to see the results!
Participating artists include 64 Colors, Betso, Davemarkart, DrilOne, Frank Montano, Infinite Rabbits, James Fuller, JC Rivera, Jeremiah Ketner, JFury, kOmega, Malo April, Malo One, Max Bare, Mike Die, Nugglife, One-Eyed Girl, Patrick Wong, Rocketboy, Rsin, Tasha Zimich, TaskOne, Travis Lampe and Veggiesomething.
First availability of exhibit pieces will be at the gallery when we open at 11am on Friday, May 8. Gallery Previews email list members will be able to make purchases via email starting at 2PM that same day.
Exhibit continues through June 7, 2015