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May 7, 2015

Erick Scarecrow's Lady Liberty to be Re-Released on

Erick has been a little quiet lately. You might not notice these things, but I do. He recently moved his company ESC Toys to Las Vegas and I think that's sort of a big undertaking. Seems he hasn't released a new figure in a while, but he's finally ready to get cranking again! This is the anniversary release of the Lady Liberty figure which was released back in 2007 as a 12". Each 6.5" vinyl/PVC Lady Liberty figure comes packaged in an open box and blister tray. The products conform to ASTM-F963. For ages 15 & UP!

Retail is $25 per piece (is that a fucking typo? nope.) and the 4PACK is $85.

$25 dollars for a 6.5" toy. That's an awesome price. I think Erick moved to Vegas and fried his brain in the desert sun.

Anyway, I'm not sure when these figures will be release, but here's the link to the ESC Toys shop. There's a handy tool at the bottom of the screen on the right that allows you to get emailed when the items go up for sale. Which is fucking brilliant. I have to see if I can do that with my shop.

AVAILABLE NOW: Frank Kozik William, Henry & Reginald - Blue Sunshine Edition by Arts Unknown

The last of Frank Kozik's William, Henry & Reginald - Blue Sunshine Edition sets by Arts Unknown are up for sale on our website here on our Arts Unknown page. When AU closed up shop, we purchased the rest of these figures. The price for this figure is $39.95 each and we have very limited quantities of each color variant! We have 4 color variants of William/Henry/Reginald - Classic (white), Heart of Darkness (black), Bungle in the Jungle (green) and Blue Sunshine (orange). All Arts Unknown figures will begin shipping to customers from our warehouse on Wednesday May 6th.

PREORDER the GASSED S005 FORT BURNOUT - JNGL edition by Playge now.

6" vinyl and ABS figure with fabric clothing. Includes: Modular tactical vest with removable pouches. Machete with sheath, sM4 with removable grenade launcher and scope. 2.1 and classic arms, helmet-helmet and removable helmet. Yeah, 2 helmets. $105 and we are only getting a few! Arriving late May-ish.


Order this item and the Terrorboys Ooze No 13 figure together (see pic to the right) and use code CLEAR200 at checkout to get 45% off the Terrorboys figure ($47.25 savings).

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