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May 1, 2015

Nature Bites Back Custom Mega Munny by David Stevenson

At ToyConUK 2015, David Stevenson debuted 'Nature Bites Back', a custom mega munny. Nature Bites Back features a bunch of colorful creatures, poking through a monstrous tree creature. Painted wood and leaves detail make the colorful creatures really stand out. This piece will be for sale and on exhibit at the Blackheath Gallery in London, for the 40th Anniversary Exhibition. David will also have 3 faux taxidermy stag heads in the pop art exhibition, which will also feature works from Peter Blake. The Exhibition opens on May 2nd in London.

Follow David on social media:
instagram: @davidstevensonart
twitter: @stevensonmsi 

Nohwitz by Rocketboy x Bold Machines

Not too long ago, Rocketboy, aka Ryan McClure, got one of his designs chosen by Bold Machines to be a part of their 2015 program. Bold Machines is The Innovation Workshop at Stratasys, an industry leader in 3D Printing technology. Most people are familiar with the name MakerBot, which produces a more affordable 3D Printer. MakerBot is a subsidiary of Stratasys, since 2013. Back to toys, Nohwitz is a cubicle creature, Rocketboy's latest design, which was chosen by Bold Machines to go from design to production. Using 3D printing technology, Rocketboy has been working with Bold Machines to develop, design and produce Nohwitz  into a designer figure. Nohwitz is now ready to be released to the public, so Rocketboy has painted up 10 of these 7" tall Nohwitz figures to be released on May 8th. 5 pieces will have a black tie and will be sold through Rotofugi, while the other 5 will have a red painted tie and be sold through Tenacious Toys. To celebrate this launch, these 10 pieces will be priced at $45 plus shipping.
To accompany the release of the painted Nohwitz figures, a bagged DIY version of Nohwitz will also be available to purchase on May8th through Rotofugi and Tenacious Toys. Limited to 25 pieces, each 3D printed figure will include 1-pair of hands and 1-pair of teeth, as well as a Nohwitz sticker. There are 3 different variations of hands: hands, tentacles, or hooves, and also 3 different variations of teeth: Fangs, tusks, or molars. Each figure will come with a random pair to attach to the base.
In addition to the initial release of the Nohwitz figures, Rotofugi will have a group show titled: Nohwitz All, featuring 24 different artists: 64 Colors, Betso, Davemarkart, DrilOne, Frank Montano, Infinite Rabbits, James Fuller, JC Rivera, Jeremiah Ketner, JFury, kOmega, Malo April, Malo One, Max Bare, Mike Die, Nugglife, One-Eyed Girl, Patrick Wong, Rocketboy, Rsin, Tasha Zimich, TaskOne, Travis Lampe and Veggiesomething. Opening reception will happen on May 8th from 7-10pm at Rotofugi, while first availability to purchase will occur when the gallery opens at 11am on May 8th. Rotofugi Gallery Preview email subscribers will be able to make purchases at 2pm on May 8th via email. Here are a few teasers of finished pieces from a few participating artists. The exhibit will run until June 7th, 2015.
Custom Nohwitz by 64 Colors
Custom Nohwitz by DrilOne
Freakazoid, Custom Nohwitz by Fuller
Runs Hot and Cold, Custom Nohwitz by Tasha Zimich

Josh Mayhem's "Transcendence" for the Lil Buddha Custom Show

This Saturday, May 2nd, Josh Mayhem will be presenting this stunning piece as part of the Lil Buddha Custom Show at Woot Bear.  Josh adds his creative touch to Missy M Toys' figure including translucent water effects and whirling flames atop, creating attention-grabbing motion and color in this moment of transcendence.

Follow Josh on Facebook or visit his new site for of his works.

+The Highest Fever

The "Little Green Men" Show

The tagline alone should be enough to get you over to the show.  "In space no one can hear you fart."  Leecifer and SubUrban Vinyl present The "Little Green Men" Show!

Saturday May 16th 2015 (6pm-9pm) the invasion commences over Waldwick, NJ as all manner of PickleBaby descend to land at SubUrban Vinyl Designer Toy & Art Gallery! A list of earthly conspirators practicing a wide variety of artistic disciplines has been revealed  to include (in no particular order) – 
JC Rivera • Josh Herbolsheimer • Betso • Daniel Talone • Paul Kaiju • Jason Limon • Carson Catlin • Brent Nolasco • John Grayson • PJ Constable • Scott Tolleson • Jay222 • Bwana Spoons • Tim Lee • Mechavirus • Scott Wilkowski • Yosiell Lorenzo • Flat Bonnie • Bob Conge • Lou Pimentel • Josh Kimberg • Matt Walker • Nathan Hamill • Joe Scarano • Task One • Spanky Stokes • Southerndrawl • valleyDweller • Blazon Brikhaus • Bleeding Edges • Nemo • Mikie Graham • Furry Feline Creatives • Dead Hand Toys • George Gaspar • Jacob Jams • Candie Bolton • Eric Broers • Daniel Fleres • Stacia Murphy • Pon • Cash Cannon • Soko Cat • Nebulon5 • DrilOne • Leecifer & more! 
Time to gather up your magnetometer, Ronco pocket radar, panoptic digitally assisted video recorder and fellow UFO nut… hunters for a PickleBaby encounter of the 5th kind (partying w/ the aliens) at 4 Frederick Street Waldwick, NJ, 07463. Just don’t park on the crop circle!!! Sightings will continue through June 13th.

 +The Highest Fever

AVAILABLE AT NOON TODAY: Doktor A Bella Delamere - Dead of Night by Arts Unknown

 The last of the Doktor A Bella Delamere - Dead of Night figures by Arts Unknown will go up for sale on our website at noon today here on our Arts Unknown page. When AU closed up shop, we purchased the rest of these figures. The price for this figure is $39.95 each and we have very limited quantities of each color variant! We have 4 color variants of Bella Delamere - A Midnight Tryst (blue), Dead of Night (black w blood spatter), The Dinner Party (red dress) and Faded Daguerreotype (mono). All Arts Unknown figures will begin shipping to customers from our warehouse on Wednesday May 6th.