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April 30, 2015

Custom Jaws Munny - DT Custom

DT Custom recently completed a bunch of custom Munnys, inspired by the Coarse Toys Jaws Figure, aptly titled Munny Jaws. For now, DT Custom has created 5(to start) resin Munny Jaws pieces of 4 different versions: GID, Pain, Loser, Switch. Featuring a removable head, but no painted or sculpted face, these Munny Jaws are priced at $105 plus shipping each. These guys are available now in DT Custom's webstore. These Munny Jaws will be an edition of 10 when it's all said and done. So, check these guys out and make a purchase to add one or more to the collection.


Roary by Foom Toys

Foom Toys recently released their latest toy called Roary, a daft and adorable dinosaur. Limited to 10 pieces, Roary is a 2.5" resin toy, which is colored green with a pink tongue for it's first edition. Priced at just $40 plus shipping, Roary is available to purchase now, from Foom Toys' online store.

From Foom Toys:
According to the rumors, during secret genetics tests scientists attempted to make a larger, more intelligent T-Rex. instead, they accidentally made the exact opposite! A smaller, cuter and happier T-Rex codenamed Roary.

Smokey's Greenhouse by Nugglife on Ebay

Nugglife, Ian Ziobrowski, currently has one of his Nugglife Greenhouse's up on Ebay. 'Smokey's Greenhouse' is a 12" tall, 10" wide Custom hand created sculpture. Here's Smokey's story: Smoky's growing days are limited in Nugglife! This fully operative green house/ indoor operation is the best in town. With a variety of strains almost ready to chop and dry, this years crop will be the best yield in Nugglife! This piece features LEDs in the tree, which runs off a 9V battery and lasts a long time. The entire piece fits nicely in a Detolf display case. All the funds from the sale of this piece will go to help pay for Nugglife's NYCC 2015 space in the Tenacious Collective. With 2 more days left in the Ebay auction, people still have plenty of time to check out the auction and make a bid.

COMING TOMORROW: Doktor A Bella Delamere - A Midnight Tryst by Arts Unknown

 The last of the Doktor A Bella Delamere - A Midnight Tryst figures by Arts Unknown will be up for sale on our website here on our Arts Unknown page starting tomorrow, May 1st. When AU closed up shop, we purchased the rest of these figures. Price will be $39.95 each and we have very limited quantities of each color variant! We have 4 color variants of Bella Delamere - A Midnight Tryst (blue), Dead of Night (black w blood spatter), The Dinner Party (red dress) and Faded Daguerreotype (mono). All Arts Unknown figures will begin shipping to customers from our warehouse on Wednesday May 6th.