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April 13, 2015

Vinyl Azteca group Show by The Clutter Gallery

The Clutter Gallery is currently showing a group Mesoamerican Themed Exhibition titled Vinyl Azteca. With the opening reception occurring on April 11th at Clutter Gallery in Beacon, NY, the show will run until May 1st. All pieces are available to purchase online, as well as in person at the gallery. For those in the area, be sure to stop on by The Clutter Gallery and show them some love.
Quetzacoatl by Avatar 666 for The Clutter Gallery Vinyl Azteca Show
The Clutter Gallery
163 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508

Terminator Custom Munny by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Cyberdyne Systems T-800, Model 101, is Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest custom. Most people know the Model 101 as the Terminator, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jon-Paul was commissioned to recreate the iconic character and he actually spent quite a bit of time getting it perfect. Since Arnold has such a distinctive look, Jon-Paul had some trouble capturing Arnold's likeness, going through a lot of trial and error. Jon-Paul even sanded and resprayed a few times to get the custom right. The end result is an amazing representation of the Terminator. Photos were taken by photographer Justin Allfree, Jon-Paul's go to photog.
Custom Cyberdyne Systems T-800, Model 101, aka The Terminator by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree