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April 7, 2015

Zen Pandas by TobyArt

Toby Grauberger, of TobyArt, is releasing some Zen Pandas into the world to help everyone cope with tax season in the US. Each Zen Panda is a 2.5" resin cast, which has been hand painted by TobyArt. There are two different versions that will be released on April 14th, Tranquility (eyes closed) and Enlightenment(eyes open). Each version is limited to just 10 pieces, with all pieces being signed and numbered by TobyArt. Priced at $40 each plus shipping, these Zen Pandas will go great with any collection. Be sure to head on over to TobyArt's online store on April 14th and pick up a Zen Panda.

Flynn - Custom 10" MADL by Jon-Paul Kaiser

One of Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest commissions is a 10" Custom MADL of Flynn, from the movie Tron Legacy. After chatting back and forth with the client about different costume variants, they settled on the white robe costume. The robe outfit goes well with the MADL shape and the contrast really makes the face pop. Jon-Paul Kaiser is most likely gearing up for ToyConUK 2015, so keep an eye out on all the goodies that attendees will have a chance at. As with all of Jon-Paul's work, photography is courtesy of Justin Allfree.

RocketBoy's 'Inmate 9-2-5' for Urban Vinyl Daily & Galerie F's 'For The Love of Toys'

Back with another 'For The Love of Toys' custom reveal is Chicago's own RocketBoy! His 'Inmate 9-2-5' is a custom 3" DudeBox that has been transformed into his signature character style. This customs features the character in a tie and an orange jump suit dragging a ball and chain. This piece will go on display starting this Friday April 10th during the opening reception at Galerie F. If you are in the area this is a show to check out. To RSVP for the event make sure to follow the link HERE