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March 29, 2015

DrilOne's Latest Customs Available Now

 DrilOne has been busy customizing pretty much anything he can get his hands on. His latest customs are available now, including Custom Gasmask 3" Dunnys, Custom Reddit Snoos and one last Wrong Mask III Custom dunny. The Snoos are priced at $75 plus shipping, while the custom Dunnys are priced at $100 plus shipping. All available pieces are available now, so pick one up now before they disappear. DrilOne also has a few other pieces available in his online store, so be sure to check those out as well.

Venkman "Nuggbusters" by Ian Ziobrowski

Ian Ziobrowski, Nugglife, recently completed Venkman "Nuggbusters", a custom 3" dunny. As with all of Ian's customs, Venkman has been fully sculpted and painted, complete with proton pack and trap. Unfortunately, this is a commissioned piece and will be a part of a little series to come, which will include a Nugg Monster. So, for those hoping to snag this piece, might be better off contacting Nugglife for a similar commissioned piece.

Megaman NT Warrior by Figment Creations

Artist Donald Whitaker, of Figment Creations, recently completed a Megaman NT Warrior custom. Donald made the figure using a Kidrobot Munny, polymer clay and acrylic paints. Finished off with a gloss chip resistant clear, the overall look might have benefited from a matte finish instead. A nice completed custom either way, the figure comes with custom GID package box. Donald has priced this piece at $150 plus shipping and is available now from Figment Creations online store.

Omen Scribed Custom by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser recently completed a commission on a 3.5" GID Coarse Omen. The customer suggested a Scribed version and this is the completed custom by Jon-Paul. The GID photo, photos taken by Justin Allfree, show some amazing detail of the piece. For those lucky enough to attend Dutch Comic Con this past weekend, Jon-Paul Kaiser made an appearance at the Outland Toys Booth. Jon-Paul had some customs, resin and a few collaborations with Emilio Garcia available. Jon-Paul is likely gearing up for ToyConUK 2015 now. Expect more information to be released as it becomes available.

Skitzo plush Kickstarter from Crystal Gonzalez

Kickstarter has become a great way for artists to produce art and sell it directly to those who are interested. Crystal Gonzalez, artist from In The Dark Comics, has spent the last 14 months working with a plush company to create and produce Skitzo, the 1920's Killer Bear. Skitzo is a 12 inch plush bear, which has pose-able arms and claws, along with eyes that glow red when it's ear is squeezed. With a little over a month before the Kickstarter ends, there are plenty of rewards to be had for backing this Kickstarter. With the main rewards being $45 for a 12" Skitzo Plush, as well as a Bear+Comic combo for only $60, which includes the Skitzo Plush, PDF color comic, buttons and email. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter and spread the word to help make Skitzo available to the masses.

JunKing Card Game hitting Kickstarter soon from Justin Hillgrove

Coming soon to Kickstarter is JunKing, a card game for 2-4 players. Artist Justin Hillgrove, working with his friends David Gerrard and Travis Torgerson, has designed a game with simple mechanics, strong strategic layers and a gameplay time of around 15 minutes. "JunKing" takes place in Junk Lands, where old, lost and broken items collect into huge heaps and mounds. The goal for each player is to hoard valuable junk, in search of the most prestigious piece of junk, The Crown. With the Kickstarter Launching on April 6th, Justin has also been busy lately attending Emerald City Comic Con and launching Issue #2 of The Imp Lands. Justin has also created some new tees, which can be purchased in-store and online from Monster Art & Clothing in Ballard, WA. Be sure to subscribe to Justin's newsletter and stay up to date with all of the IMP Land and JunKing News.