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March 24, 2015

SNEAK PEEK: PRODUCTION OF A NEW SET OF TOYS - Four Horsies of the Pocalypse tooling masters

Now that we've wrapped up the Kickstarter to fund Bigshot Toyworks' Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse line of collectible art toys, the real fun begins! Here you see a couple of images from the factory in the very first stages of production. These are called "tooling masters" and they help the factory properly engineer the figures for production. After this stage is complete, the molds are created. Mold creation will be complete in approximately 45 days.

More more images of the Four Horsies tooling masters, check the Four Horsies blog or FB page.

We will post up more images from the factory as they become available. This is so cool to me... after selling items like this for a decade with no knowledge of how they are made, I finally get the inside peek into the exact processes that go into the creation of a new art toy. I'm excited about it, so I'm sharing with you!

If you missed out on grabbing a 6-inch Maddie (from the first Kickstarter we managed), you can grab one now at the Bigshot Toyshop. We had a good quantity left.... till we sold about 150 to 200 more through the most recent Kickstarter. So the numbers are getting low... Little Maddie is a 6" figure selling at $55.

Dead Wabbit resin release

JFury is back at it with his first resin release of 2015. Dead Wabbits stand 4.25 inches tall with super gloss finish. The bunny suit is textured to give contrast to the super smooth skull. This release is blind bagged with 5 colors with 3 of each color available, guarantee no doubles when ordering multiples. They go up for sale Monday March 23rd at 3pm PST for only $30 dollars each.

He will also have some commission spots available in his store for one of kind hand painted Dead Wabbits for only $65 dollars with different color options for you to choose from.

3A WWR Rothchild Field Mechanic Night Fixer Jenkins 1:6-scale figure by 3A

  • Mechanic Night Fixer Jenkins comes with:
    Handgun x1pcs
    Spanner x1pcs
    Toolbox x1pcs
  • Full articulated 1/6 Scale figure designed by Ashley Wood

Buy 3A WWR Rothchild Field Mechanic Night Fixer Jenkins 1:6-scale figure by 3A here.