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March 18, 2015

Goldfish by Michihiro Matsuoka

I don't know how long these have been around, if they're new or if they are even available for purchase.  But they're amazing pieces of art and everyone needs to see them.  The detailing is incredible.  The pieces look like a police squad from a future where goldfish rule the seas.  The pieces are made from resin, acrylic paint and brass tubing.

Michihiro Matsuoka's site (it's in Japanese)

Radioactive Uppercut x Monsterforge edition of 8-Ball COMING SOON!

Plans are being made for a very limited run of 8-Ball, hand painted by Charles Marsh, the Monsterforge.

No specific details have been given on the exact deco scheme or release date, but from the teaser here, it looks like they will be painted over green japanese vinyl.  Look for more updates coming from both Radioactive Uppercut and Monsterforge soon.

New Guardians of the Galaxy Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar and Funko

 OK so I sort of missed this development at Toy Fair because I wasn't walking the show floor, but I think Funko has either developed a new line called Vinyl Sugar... or they are exclusively distributing this line. Anyway, Vinyl Sugar now has a series called Dorbz (short for "adorable" I'd imagine) and the first license is Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. These are 3" tall figures which look they must retail for $10 each, based on the wholesale prices they were giving to us. How these will stack up against Funko's absurdly popular POP! line of figures remains to be seen... find these at your favorite toy retailer. Not my shop, because price point is too low. But I'm sure your local Funko hookup will have these in stock soon.

Nohwitz is Coming!

Rocketboy's Nohwitz was selected by "Bold Machines: The Innovation Workshop at Stratasys" to be part of their 2015 program! For the last 6 months, Rocketboy has been collaborating with the Bold Machines team to design, develop and produce Nohwitz into a designer figure. 

Nohwitz, Rocketboy's Cubicle Creature, is based off of the office know-it-all that absolutely knows nothing. Although his main design incorporates a blue skin tone with fangs and hands, he is constructed, using 3D technology, so that he can assemble into a variety of different versions. Designed with snap on features, he comes with three different hand options (hands/tentacles/hooves) and three different tooth options (molars/fangs and tusks).

Final preparations for Nohwitz's early May debut have started.  

Those preparations include a limited Nohwitz release, hand-painted by Rocketboy (colorway picture attached) and a group custom show with a collection of talented artists from North America participating. Some Nohwitz blanks may also hit the market. 

More details and specifics will be announced as May approaches!

Bold Machines, run by former MakerBot CEO, Bre Pettis, is a Brooklyn-based 3D Printing & Business accelerator working with the next generation of artists, architects, designers and innovators. Bold Machines empowers creative explorers and provides a showcase for designs produced on MakerBot, Stratasys and SolidScape 3D Printers.

Super7 x Secret Base Green Slime Soft Vinyl Alien

Super7 and Secret Base are dropping a green version of their 4" soft vinyl Xenomorph figure this Friday. This looks sick. No price is listed but the black version released back in October was $50, so you can expect about the same for this one.

Super7 Blog

+The Highest Fever 


  • preorder arrives Q2 2015
  • Designed by Japanese artist Touma
  • Soft vinyl
  • Made in Japan
  • 2 Parts
  • Size: 3.7cm/1.5"

Buy Touma 6-inch KnuckleBear PHOTON here

Constant Companions by Rocketboy

Rocketboy Customs recently completed a custom Chris Ryniak Triple Crown figure, titled Constant Companions. The design is based on the balance of morality and profit, featuring a head for politics, corporate greed and daily decisions. Made for a show at Galerie F in Chicago, For the Love of Toys, which opens on April 10th. Be sure to check out more customs and pieces as they get released.