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March 16, 2015

New Sculpture by Matt Angry Artist Anderson

Matt's newest piece is this untitled 28" fine art sculpture using the magic of dragons tears and epoxy clay. Painted with the hatred of the color spectrum, and fitted with color changing fiber optics flowers for that extra flare. This original sculpture has a movable ball and joint head with removable Chinese water deer skull set on a magnet and pin system.

It is available for purchase by contacting for $1300 plus shipping.

Instagram: @Angry_Artist

BIZARRE AND AWESOME: Fright Show Fighter iOS & PC game on Kickstarter

So my contact Gus Fink just hit me up to let me know that his new iOS game FRIGHT SHOW FIGHTER is up and live on Kickstarter. The artwork in this game is right up my alley: creepy, sketchy and weird as fuck! Can't wait to play it!!!! Check the video below or just click here to back it. All backers get access to the game in its unlocked version once it goes live... demo will be on iOS first, but they are working on PC version as well.

Breaking Bad Heisenberg 1:6-scale figure by ThreeZero

Features 1/6th scale Breaking Bad Heisenberg collectible - officially licensed. Produced by Three Zero.

  • - 12 inches tall articulated figure featuring tailored
    - Clothing
    - Head sculpt with realistic likeness
    - Exchangeable hands for holding gun
    - Tailored cloth costume :
    - Glasses
    - Sunglasses
    - Pork-pie hat
    - Black windbreaker
    - Pistol
    - Five stacks of blood money

Pre-order Breaking Bad Heisenberg 1:6-scale figure by ThreeZero now.