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March 14, 2015

Thomas and Friends Blind Bag Minis

I'm a big fan of blind bag/box/whatever toys. They trigger whatever chemical in my brain that also responds to tearing open a fresh Magic booster pack. The down side to most blind packaged toys is the price. $4 or $5 (and up) just to pull the same figure I pulled twice already? Nah.

That's why I was a big collector of the Zerboz super hero micro figures. At a buck a pop, I could grab a handful and feed the need. These Thomas and Friends minis are definitely next on my collect list. My son is a huge Thomas fan and it has slowly infected me as well. And these are just $1.49 a piece and available at Walmart. With over 70 different designs like metallic colorways and superhero engines there's plenty to keep a collector hunting.

+The Highest Fever 


DHP has teamed up with illustrator extraordinaire, Scarecrowoven to give you some awesome Alavaka packages. Both Scarecrowoven and Devils Head Productions did painted colorways of Alavaka on red and milky white marbled vinyl. An AMAZING Alavaka 5 color 24x36 silkscreen print featuring glow in the dark ink and 7 color silkscreen tshirts are among the other goodies that will be part of the collaboration packages available March 20th in both the DHP webstore  and Scarecrowoven's webstore. Get ready for AWESOMENESS!

'The Forager' - alto - Arts Unknown Production Piece

Following the sad demise of Arts Unknown, Chris Dobson (alto) has revealed one of the designs that he had in the works with them.

Entitled 'The Forager', it was one of a series of pieces that were planned for production.

Now in search of a new home, any interested parties should contact Chris, if they can take this Beleaguered Beetle and his Praying Mantis companion, under their wing...