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March 6, 2015

Custom Micro Foomis by Zukaty

Zukaty Art completed a couple of colorful customs, created using a Kidrobot Micro Foomi and a Kaws Kubrick Bus Stop. Each set is priced at $65 plus shipping and includes a custom painted Kaws Kubrick Bus Stop, as well as a custom painted Micro Foomi. Zukaty made the figure and Bus Stop coincide, making each set match. To top it off, Zukaty is also including the original kaws Kubrick figures, along with the original packaging. These would make a nice colorful addition to any collection.

The Champions of Zorb - Fungor by Goodleg Toys

Goodleg Toys, out of Berlin, has a nifty toy available now for preorder called Fungor, from the Champions of Zorb. Inspired by Steven Kostanski's ABC's of Death 2 short, Fungor is the 3rd figure released by Goodleg Toys inspired by Kostanski's work.Standing at 3.75" tall and hand sculpted, cast and painted, Fungor is priced at $73 shipped worldwide. Limited to only 15 pieces, each Fungor comes in a carded and hand pulled blistered pack, along with Fungor's trusty ax.The Backer art was created by Ralph Neise. Be sure to pick one of these bad boys up today, or just miss out forever.

Latest Babbies from FPlus

Josh "Fplus" Pearce has released his latest set of babbies upon the world. Only available for a limited time, Fplus released two Rhinarian Babbies and an Owl Bear Babby. The Rhinarian Babbies come in two different melon flavors, Watermellow and CAN-Elope, while the Owl Bear comes in a cotton candy colorway. These Babbies, along with a few of Fplus' previous releases are available to purchase now, with the Melon Babbies priced at $50 each plus shipping, while the Cotton Candy Owl bear is priced at $30 each plus shipping. Be sure to check out all the sweet Babbies that Fplus has created.

Plaseebo for the Skullbrainer Show at Clutter Gallery

Clutter and Super7 have teamed up to present Skullbrainer at Clutter Gallery. Opening on March 14th and running until April 3, Skullbrainer is a show around Kaiju and Other Strangeness. The artist Plaseebo has created 2 pieces for Skullbrainer, the first is Gnaw-X #3, a custom 8.5" vinyl custom. Using a Plaseebo Gnaw head and a Skull Head Butt "X" butt body, Gnaw-X #3 also features glass inset eyes and a motion activated LED unit, with replaceable batteries.

Plaseebo's second piece is called "Franken Tanken". This piece is a custom hand cast resin piece, which also features an LED unit which allows the piece to be lit up, which shows up pretty well in a dark room. A switch at the bottom allows the LED to be switched on and off. Both pieces will be available at the Skullbrainer show, which is going to be first come, first served for people attending the opening. All remaining pieces will become available online after the initial opening.

Clutter Gallery
163 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508

Skullnade Minis by David Kraig

3D printing objects is a great way to prototype a new project, or even mass produce a simple(or complex) design. David Kraig has created Skullnade Mini, a smaller 3D printed version of the originally released Skullnade. Part grenade and part skull, Skullnade makes for a great visual piece. Skullnade mini comes in a variety of colors and is priced at $25 plus shipping. With a printed size of around 2" x 1.15" x 1.49", this little piece is ready to be ordered. Check out the Skullnade website for all the colors and info.