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March 4, 2015

Joey Garfield Interviews the Sucklord
Pretty damn cool little micro insight into the Sucklord and what motivates him to create bootleg toys.

All you haters, calm the fuck down. I like this guy. And I like you too. And if you don't like the Sucklord, you are the person with the not-likey problem. Not him, and not me. Think about that. -Benny

Arts Unknown Closing Shop: 60% off everything, including brand new releases

Sadly, one of my favorite art toy companies, Arts Unknown, is closing up shop soon. I've been a fan of this company even before they launched, having been in contact with one of the founders from before day 1. Always personal service, AMAZING products and occupied a unique corner of the art toy market. I am not happy they are closing.

YOU on the other hand should be jumping for fucking joy because all of the items they made are now 60% off normal SRP. That's lower than wholesale. So grab your credit card, go here, and buy a ton of awesome full-size vinyl art toys because it's your last chance. AU makes some stellar pieces designed by Doktor A, Gary Baseman and Frank Kozik. Take advantage while you can. RIP