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February 27, 2015

ToyConUK 2015 Teaser from The Toy Chronicle

With ToyConUK 2015 right around the corner, teasers and releases will start to trickle in. The Toy Chronicle sent over a little cryptic teaser about a release for ToyConUK and hopefully everyone will get the picture. Something to note about this release is that CAVEY is coming to an end. So, this should be a highly sought after release... whatever it is based on the teaser (FYI it's going to be a CAVEY). For those who are able to attend ToyConUK 2015, be sure to purchase tickets early and book that travel.

Custom Squadt Ooze Terror Boy by Jon-Paul Kaiser

As the year rolls on, more and more people are getting commissions done. Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest commissioned piece is a custom Squadt Ooze Terror Boy. Jon-Paul stated that he took this piece down a macabre path, creating the piece to have exposed and warped bones, with bloated flesh that was coming off in places. The red eyes of the piece work well with the typical color palette Jon-Paul uses. This should make the collector very happy. The wonderful photos were taken by Justin Allfree. For those interested in getting a commission completed by Jon-Paul Kaiser, be sure to send him an email through his website.
Custom Squadt by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree
Custom Squadt by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree

Custom Squadt by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree