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February 24, 2015

Custom Fisher Price Pony Pickup by DrilOne

DrilOne likes to paint and make things rusty. One of DrilOne's latest pieces is a Custom Fisher Price Pony Pickup truck, with working doors. A nice piece by DrilOne, which is available for $140 plus shipping from his store right now. The Pickup measure around 5.5" long and 4" high. DrilOne needs to make some thrift store stops and paint up more toys.

Kickstarter: Mythic Legions Action Figures by Four Horsemen Studios

Four Horsemen Studios has created another Kickstarter to get a new batch of fantasy action figures created, called Mythic Legions. With a little more than 2 weeks left on the campaign and around $20k left to reach the goal, it's time to really push and get the word out. Nothing really explains this Kickstarter better than the video and Kickstarter page, so watch the video and head on over to the Kickstarter page to take a look at all the amazing figures. There are a ton of figures and add-ons, so make sure to look at everything available.

 Here is a picture to provide a sense of scale for the Mythic Legions figures.
Scale for Mythic Legion Figures from Four Horsemen Studios

Custom Lion 8" Munny by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest creation is a simple, yet exquisite, Lion as King Custom 8" Munny. Adorned in his Middle Age armor and the crown his ancestors wore, the Lion surveys his kingdom and subjects with his regal gaze. Jon-Paul is definitely a master of creating depth and texture with very little color. Photography was done by Justin Allfree.