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February 17, 2015

Bulletpunk: Baby TEQ63 by Quiccs

Quiccs work is quite awesome and pretty affordable. One of the most recent releases, not sold out, is the Baby TEQ63 Custom resin 3" Dunnys. Available now through Hidden Fortress Manila, each Baby TEQ63 is priced at $20 each plus shipping, while picking up the Yin and Yang pair is priced at $30 plus shipping. For reference, shipping on the Yin and Yang pair to the US is $15. Each colorway is limited to just 30 pieces and should be ready to ship. In the works is a similar 8" Munny version of this character, set to be completed in March. Be sure to check out Hidden Fortress Manila to pick up a pair of these Baby TEQ63 and follow Quiccs on FB to see what's getting created.

Custom TMNT Figure by Play Dead Toys

Michael "Bubo" Reilly is not just a mold making, casting wizard, Bubo also likes to customize figures. Having been influenced by the comic book TMNT #1 by Mirage, Bubo took the opportunity to customize one of The Loyal Subjects TMNT figures in a similar black and white noir fashion. Bubo also took this opportunity to create a half-tone image of his custom figure, which is reminiscent of the black and white comic books of the past.

Rise of The Beasts by Little Rubber Guys

Plastic Imagination launched a new line of articulated PVC figures called Rise of the Beasts. Starting off with 2 different figures, in a multitude of colors and paint schemes, the Rhino and Scorpion are just the start. With 4-5 points of articulation, the figures stand at 60mm and are priced at $7 for painted figures, while the unpainted versions sell for $4 each. The joints utilize Glyos style pegs, although are not meant to interchange with other Glyos figures. To make collecting a bit more interesting, each figure comes with a Proof of purchase sticker which can be redeemed for a limited edition figure. It takes 10 proofs of purchase stickers to redeem one of the limited edition figures, but ordering 10 or more figures will automatically get one of the mail away figures included in the purchase, in lieu of the stickers. Check out Rise of the Beasts for more info and to check out all the of the available color schemes and options.

Prototypes for the next Wave of beasts.

Molotov Deathshead Brothers by Patrick Wong

It looks like someone's collection of David Flores' Deathhead Mickeys has grown a bit more, thanks to Patrick Wong's latest creation. Molotov Deathshead Brothers is one of Patrick's latest completed commissions. Recreating, once again, the iconic Molotov cocktail pose, Patrick was able to reposition the Deathshead Mickey to give it more of the iconic looking pose, complete with cocktail in hand. This should make an excellent addition to the growing collection it's being added to.

"The Crossroads at Rawdon" Custom 3" Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser

After a long time lost in the post, one of Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest commission pieces finally made it to it's rightful home. Titled "The Crossroads at Rawdon", this piece features a 3" Custom Dunny zombie which has been captured and placed in a hanging gibbet at the crossroads, near the once infested town of Rawdon. Used as a warning and a sign of the town's history, the zombie hangs for all who reach the crossroads to see. Jon-Paul Kaiser seems to be still open for commissions, so for those interested, be sure to shoot him an email before Jon-Paul gets more involved in convention season. Awesome photography was taken by Justin Allfree.

Wananeko Soft Vinyl Toy - Indiegogo Project by Javier Jimenez

Javier Jimenez, an designer based in Spain, recently launched an Indiegogo project to produce a Soft Vinyl Sofubi version of his Wananeko figure. Wananeko was originally created last year, in a simple resin version. After a long process, Javier is now looking to the masses to get this project completely off the ground and make Wananeko Soft Vinyl Toy a reality. Wanting to have a different pose, Javier is going with a 5.9" standing figure, with 5 points of articulation. With a modest $6000 goal (already $4000 funded), there are plenty of remaining rewards to be had by supporting Javier and his vision. Be sure to check out the Indiegogo project page, video and pictures.

- Mark-Anthony

Nugborg 2420 Custom 3" Dunny by Nugglife

Nugglife, Ian Ziobrowski, recently completed a commission titled "Nugborg" 2420. This custom 3" Dunny has been re-sculpted to create a Half-man and Half-Machine Nugg, who has been fully reconstructed for survival. Growing, trimming, and distributing is no problem for Nugborg. Another prime example of survival of the fittest. Nugglife's legend lives on. Hit up Nugglife if interested in creating another version of Nuggs.