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September 30, 2015

Toy Tokyo NYCC 2015 Exclusives Line-up Press Release

Its that time of year again, New York Comic Con, and Toy Tokyo has an exciting line-up of exclusives laid out for our fans at booth 101, October 8th through to the 11th at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan.
Top of the list...this is a big one...two Godzilla Funko Pop! Toy Tokyo Exclusives. Two versions, the 1954 Black and Gray Godzilla, and a Glow In the Dark Ghost version. Each will be $30.

Godzilla Pop! Vinyls...

But, that ain’t it! On top of the Godzilla Pop! Vinyls (which are a super-sized 6 inch figure) and other exclusive Toy Tokyo Funko products, Toy Tokyo is proudly sponsoring 3 of the original Godzilla costume actors at NYCC 2015 to sign autographs. Haruo Nakajima is among the three suit actors, the original 1954 Godzilla. It will be truly an amazing event and honor for us at Toy Tokyo, as well as the fans.

Godzilla Actor Signings...

Also on hand signing autographs will be Kenpachiro Satsuma, who donned the Godzilla costume first in 1984, all the way through to 1995.

And wrapping up the Godzilla suit-actor timeline, Tsutomu Kitagawa will be the third actor present for the signings. Kitagawa first portrayed to coveted role of Godzilla in 1998, all the way through to 2003...probably when CG started taking over.

Autographs by the actors will be available at discount pricing with the purchase of the Toy Tokyo Godzilla Pop! Vinyl exclusives throughout the show. The exclusives are of the original 1954 Godzilla (which according to many experts, the design has “nailed it!”).

If a fan purchases a single Godzilla Pop! and wants it signed by Nakajima, the cost of the signature will be $15 as opposed to $25.
With the purchase of both Godzilla Toy Tokyo Exclusives, a single signature on both will cost only $25, half off of the regular price of $50 for the signing of two pieces.

With a purchase of one Godzilla Toy Tokyo Exclusive, the autographs of all three actors, the cost will be $50 as opposed to $75. A $25 savings on the autographs.

And lastly, the two piece set of the Toy Tokyo Godzilla Exclusives being signed by all three actors will cost only $60 as opposed to $75.

All three of the actors will also be present to sign any Godzilla memorabilia for the price of $25 for each autograph...that could be posters, photos, other toys...whatever the fan chooses to bring.

Millennium Godzilla...

And in other Godzilla news, Toy Tokyo will also be presenting a very limited Marmit Millennium Godzilla Exclusive produced by Medicom Toy Japan. This piece has been produced in honor of Toy Tokyo’s 15 year anniversary!

Ron English Signing...

On Thursday, October 8 Master Popagandist Ron English will be signing three amazing exclusives! One of the pieces is a very recognizable video game star with the distinct Ron English twist (Mario Grin), and the Mushroom Grin. Along with a trio of Star Skulls.
The signing will take place between 2pm and 3pm at the Toy Tokyo booth 101.

Pop! Asia…

Toy Tokyo will also be proudly presenting a selection of very cool Pop! Asia pieces. All available, of course, in very limited numbers.

The other Toy Tokyo Funko Exclusives for NYCC 2015 are as follows:

  • Topping the list is Freddy Funko in celebration of Toy Tokyo’s 15 year anniversary

  • Then there is an old school Battlestar Galactica Lt. Starbuck in a white uniform

  • Partnered with Starbuck is Captain Apollo, also in a Toy Tokyo Exclusive white uniform

  • C-3P0 Hikari, in the Toy Tokyo Exclusive Dirty Penny edition

  • And finally, a Dorbz Ridez Batmobile with Batman

Pricing for the exclusives is currently not available for the balance Toy Tokyo Exclusives, aside from the two Godzilla Pop! Vinyl pieces.

The Toy Tokyo team is very excited about this year’s New York Comic Con, and look forward to seeing all of our loyal fans that have supported us over the years, as well as all of the new supporters we have gained in more recent years.

Crummy Gummy Show at New York Comic Con 2015

Crummy Gummy returns to New York Comic Con only this time with some friends! Crummy Gummy’s Four Faced Gummy Bear Show will be taking place at the PIQ Booth #614 located in the Block. He hand selected 8 artists to customize his newest figure and the line up includes: Jon Paul Kaiser, Sugar Fueled, SoKo Cat, Steve Parker, The Drif, Topheroy, MannyX and Obscure. He will also be signing at the booth on Friday at 4pm.

DabsMyla's "Trouble Trouble (Mono)" for NYCC!

The duo of DabsMyla recently released their first designer toy, Trouble Trouble, in partnership with Munky King. Featuring 7.5" tall dynamite stick Mr. Freddy Powerful and his best buddy, the lit match Little Sparky, this vinyl figure set harkens back to the Golden Age of American animation, so what would be more appropriate than a Monotone Edition?

Limited to an edition of 100 pieces, this New York Comic Con exclusive version will be available solely from Clutter Magazine's NYCC booth #603 for $80 apiece!


In stock now!

Born into this world as a human clone baby, Nerviswr3k went thru life enjoying and admiring the left side of life, colors, taste, emotions and creativity. At the age of 12, Nerviswr3k managed to disconnect himself from the machine known as the American dream and began the long journey to creative freedom. That long journey takes us to now.......focusing on odd creatures and odd fellows, creating what in his mind is a master race that pulls the strings on modern society, controlling the media, governments, agriculture and monetary institutes. This world is a dystopian rat lab where we wait to find out who wins this rat race called life. The end.

- 4" tall
- vinyl
- 125 pieces made in this colorway (blue is our exclusive colorway, available nowhere else)
- articulated arms
- full color art box featuring illustration by Brown Whale
- designed by Gabe "Nerviswr3k" Rivas
- produced by Suburban Vinyl


September 29, 2015


In stock now!

In 2014, Stand Up! Records released his first full-length album. "Can We Afford this much Despair?" which hit #13 on the iTunes Comedy Charts. The label is celebrating the release with a special edition that includes a download code for the album, a hand-cast, originally sculpted, 3" Keshi-style mini-figure and some stunning header art. Adam is also an avid collector of rubber mini-figures, hand painted sofubi vinyl, 5.5" figures, and vintage toys.

- 3 inches tall
- 10 made in Tenacious Blue color
- concept by Adam Quesnell
- illustration/design by Terence Brown II
- header card artwork by Josh Trumbo
- prototyping by October Toys
- comes bagged with header card and sticker

September 28, 2015

Tenacious Toys NYCC Exclusive Baby Fatts Stone Idol Edition by Big C

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Breaking News!  During an excavation in the former Mesopotamia, archaeologists found what has been dubbed as the “holy grail” of resin art figures.  Archaeologists claim this is proof that the World's First Dragon has been worshipped since the birth of human civilization.  Baby Fatts, the first production piece by Big C, will debut with a stone color/texture. The Stone Idol edition of Baby Fatts will be a 2015 convention exclusive, limited to 10 pieces.  4 will be available at NYCC at the Tenacious Toys booth #208, and 6 will be available at DesignerCon (DCon) at the Hitsquad booth (booth #'s not yet assigned).  Baby Fatts is roughly 3.5” high, 3” wide, 3” thick, and will sell for $60 each. Make sure you put this “toy of the year” at the top of your convention shopping list.  With only 10 total pieces available, they won’t last long. 

About Big C:
Big C is a visual artist, from the San Francisco Bay Area, who produces work as a painter, sculptor and illustrator.  His work has been displayed all over the world, including the de Young fine arts museum, and San Diego Comic Con.  He is influenced by his life’s struggles and triumphs.  Big C loves to design toys, paint canvases and create original sculptures, but he also likes to create art out of many non-traditional objects that he sees canvases and armatures.  He has many huge projects in the works.  His work can be seen online at and on instagram at @big_c_art. As always, he would like to thank you for supporting the arts.

Superpowers: binge watching Netflix, while sculpting and painting.

INFO: 5th Annual Designer Toy Awards Ceremony During NYCC

The Designer Toy Awards proudly invite everyone to join a veritable who's who of industry luminaries at this year's 5th annual DTA ceremony, taking place on the night of Saturday, October 10th. With doors opening at 8PM, it will be at the Hudson Terrace (621 West 46th St., New York, NY 10036), which is located a mere mile from the Javett's Convention Center in which NYCC is held!

This year's DTA ceremony will again be hosted by Jesse Snider, a TV & radio host as well as comic book writer, voice-over actor, and rock musician. Snider has previously hosted MTV2 Rock and The MTV2 Rock Countdown, as well as shows on Fuse TV and HBO.

Attendance to the ceremony is completely free, allowing fans to rub elbows with DTA Finalists and other art toy community professionals! While it is free, you MUST register to attend in advance, which one can do easily here:

Do you want to skip waiting in line? Unless you're a finalist, the only way to do that is… the Fan VIP Pass! Available free with the purchase of either a Goodie Bag (filled with at least $70 worth of goods), these are available in extremely limited quantities now for $50 apiece.

NYCC Booth 208 - Tenacious Collective: Hungryghost

Hungryghost Bob's Burgers kids Dunny set! 3 piece resin cast sets, hand painted and come in custom Bobs Burgers window box designed by SHEZ!
Hungryghost (aka Joseph Luciano) joins the Tenacious Collective for the first time this year. We are very proud to welcome another local NYC artist to our growing ranks! Here's a little bit more about Hungryghost:

Drawing inspiration from things that frighten most people, Hungryghost brings the things from the darkest recesses of your mind to 3 dimensional life. He is heavily influenced by all the morbid and creepy aspects found in numerous subject matter such as comic books, horror movies, pop culture, japanese culture, religions, international folklore & urban legends; as well as artists work such as Junji Ito, Takayuki Takeya, Katsuya Terada & Tony Harris. Hungryghost currently resides in NYC. Or under your bed. Don't turn around.....

Joseph went really big for his first NYCC in our booth, so get ready for this list of custom figures he will be bringing:

  • [5] Prometheus Engineer dunnys (below) 
  • [PREORDER] Bob Burgers kids sets (above)
  • [3] Krampus ornaments unholy night color way
Hungryghost Prometheus Engineer Dunnys - Each one is signed and numbered and comes in a customized fabric lined wooden space box in a edition of five. Three colorways available: Space Jockey 2/5, Hologram 1/5 & Fossilized 2/5
Ganesh Dunny
  • Pazrael demon god of the lower aerial realms 8"
  • Man o war 3"
  • Nebula 3"
  • Kraken demon & Amatsumihiko the Sea God 2 piece 3" set
  • Papa Mortis 3"
  • Yuki onna (Snow Woman) 3"
  • Northern lights 3"
  • Resident evil hunk 3"
  • Bat demon 3"
  • Kintaro the golden boy 3"
  • Turquoise demon idol 3"
  • Walking dead clementine 3"
  • Treasure map 3"
  • Ganesh 3"Ming vase 3"

  • Spiderkitty 4"
  • Zombie kitty 4"
  • Creepshow hitchhiker kitty 4"
  • Candyman kitty 4"
  • Ming Vase Dunny
  • Saw Kitty 4"
  • Jason Vorhees kitty 4"Freddy Kruger kitty 4"
  • Child's play Chucky kitty 4"
  • Hannibal Lecter kitty 4"
  • Hellraiser pinhead kitty 4"
  • Sam hain kitty 4"
  • Leatherface kitty 4"
  • Annie Leonheart 18" mega munny  & 4" Mikasa set
  • Darksied 8"
  • Jinkininki (Hungryghost) 3"
  • Shio Motarasu the Yakuza captain zombie 3"
  • Jade Ashura 3"
  • Muscle man 4" munny & high five ghost totem doppleganger set
  • Statue of misery NYC 4" GID
  • Megaman 4"
  • Aiden pierce watchdogs 4"
  • Luffy one piece 4"
  • Marvels nova 4"
  • Aang last airbender 4"
  • Gir 4"
  • Flapjack 4"
  • Jet set radio's Beat 4"
  • Deadshot 4"
  • Ultraman 4"
  • Beastboy 4"
  • Brak 4 "
  • Mirror's Edge Faith 4"
  • Gaara 4"Beetlejuice 4"
  • Parappa the Rapper 4"
  • Earthworm Jim 4"
  • ParaNorman 4"
  • Astroboy 4"
  • Casshern 4"
  • Rin Blue Exorcist 4"
  • Kamen Rider 4 "

  • Kakashi 8"
  • Naruto 4"
  • Hawkgirl 4"
  • Son Goku 4"
  • Akuma 4"
  • Monkey from enslaved 4"
  • Naruto biju mode 4"
  • Nightcrawler 4"
  • Tetsuo (Akira) 4"

  • Jade foodog 4"

  • Protoman (repainted MegaMan)
  • Recolored Link
  • Knuckles (repainted Sonic) 

  • Jade 3" Skelevex
  • Metroid 3" totem doppleganger
  • Captain caveman 3" dudebox
  • Solomon grundy 8" muttpop tequila

  • Kintaro the golden boy 12x12
  • Kuchisake onna 12x12
  • Chochinobake lantern 12x12
  • Oni 12x12
  • Tongue cut sparrow 12x12


In stock now!

- Full articulated 1/6 Scale figure designed by Ashley Wood
- Mechanic Night Fixer Jenkins comes with:
- Handgun x1pcs
- Spanner x1pcs
- Toolbox x1pcs

September 25, 2015

Tenacious Toys NYCC Exclusive Blue Tenacious Coralites by Taylored Curiosities

Penny from Taylored Curiosities went all-out this NYCC, supplying us, Big Kev's Geek Stuff, Suburban Vinyl and MyPlasticHeart with her beautiful custom creations. The pieces she made for us are called Tenacious Coralites. These are sets (as pictured above) in an edition of 3, packaged in a recycled box with printed illustrations. Everything Penny does is visually tight and well-thought-out. And with such a small edition size, and a price point of $75, these won't last long. Thankfully all four of the above mentioned booths are very close to one another, so if you are a big Taylored Curios fan, you can run around fairly quickly and grab all of her pieces.

For more info on the Tenacious Collective Booth 208, click through to our website here, or just click here to see all of our blog posts about all of the exclusives, signings and releases. And don't forget to add us to your Show Planner!

Tenacious Toys NYCC Exclusive Customs by Sekure D

Sekure D sent us a little care package all the way from Australia to grace our NYCC booth #208, creating the following items for us (all of which are one-off, one of a kind custom pieces):
  • Codename Hulk - 8" custom Kidrobot Mascot - $300
  • Codename Jung Un - 3" custom Kozik Kim Jong Un bust - $75
  • Kid Blob 1 & 2 - two unique 8" tall custom Kidrobot figure mashups - $325 each
  • Totem Fatcap - 6" Kidrobot Fatcap figure - $200
We are honored to finally be working with Sekure D. Stop by our booth early to grab these, they won't last long!

For more info on the Tenacious Collective Booth 208, click through to our website here, or just click here to see all of our blog posts about all of the exclusives, signings and releases. And don't forget to add us to your Show Planner!

Tenacious Toys NYCC Exclusive Blue Geekwok in Carbonite by UME Toys

Our buddy Rich Page of UME Toys kindly humored my request of MOAR GEEKWOK IN CARBONITE... I love this figure. Rich cast 10 of them in a special Blue Carbonite for us as an NYCC Exclusive. They are resin blocks, approx 4.5" tall, priced at $55 each. Rich will also have pieces over at Big Kev's Geek Stuff, the best podcast known to man, and those guys will be chatting with us during the show about all the sweet geekery that will be available in high concentrations in Booth 208.

For more info on the Tenacious Collective Booth 208, click through to our website here, or just click here to see all of our blog posts about all of the exclusives, signings and releases. And don't forget to add us to your Show Planner!

Tenacious Toys NYCC Exclusive Blue Oop by Matt Obscure Perez

Matt Obscure Perez of Angry Koala Gear has blessed us with 15 of his 2.5" Oop figures in an exclusive blue color for NYCC! $35 each for a handful of adorable at the Tenacious Toys Booth 208.

Oop is a forest dwelling orphan.  The offspring of forbidden love... a fawn and a goblin.  He is a lonely soul, wandering the forest for companionship.

For more info on the Tenacious Collective Booth 208, click through to our website here, or just click here to see all of our blog posts about all of the exclusives, signings and releases. And don't forget to add us to your Show Planner!

Convention Exclusive NYCC Exclusive Lil Maddie Gray Mist Edition

Convention Exclusive has announced their NYCC Exclusive 4-inch Lil Maddie Gray Mist figure. Part of Bigshot Toyworks' Four Horsies of the Pocalypse line of toys, Gray Mist joins Bigshot's own exclusive, Hellfire Red, as the two 4-inch Lil Maddies that will be debuting at NYCC as exclusives. The Gray Mist Lil Maddie is limited to 500 pieces and will be available at the Convention Exclusive Booth #2654 for $30 each. Lil Maddies come packed in full color window boxes, and Convention Exclusive is offering a bonus Four Horsies tote bag for attendees purchasing their Lil Maddie Gray Mist edition figure at NYCC. Check the Convention Exclusive listing on the NYCC website for their other exclusives.

NYCC Booth 208 - Tenacious Collective: Suburban Vinyl

OK so I've been saving this post. Not avoiding it, just preparing. It's.... big. Suburban Vinyl has a big presence at NYCC and trying to encapsulate everything they are doing, showing and selling is not an easy task.

Below you will find the Suburban Vinyl NYCC Exclusives, the other items they will be selling, their custom show, their guests, their signings, and the live painting that will be happening in their booth. Again, in case it's not clear: Suburban Vinyl is a part of the Tenacious Collective in Booth 208 in The Block at NYCC 2015. One giant booth, lots of stuff happening. Below is the stuff that Suburban Vinyl has organized themselves.

Suburban Vinyl Exclusives

  • Nerviswr3k Inner Child Purple (above) - 100 pieces at $45 each
  • John Grayson's Troopin Sane Prints on Wood: several prints in different sizes.  8x8 inches, 2 color variations, limited to 25 prints per color. Light Blue 10x10 size available Saturday only, limited to 10 pieces. (see top image)
  • ChrisRWK's Thor & Iron Man Prints on Wood (see below)
  • Lou Pimentel's BattleCat print
  • Crummy Gummy's Four Faced Slime Gummy resin piece
  • Taylored Curiosities' Autumn Treehouse resin set
  • Jacob JAMS Green Yuirkabe resin figure
  • Cat Atomic: various customs
  • Leecifer x Brent Nolasco's Bat Sister resin figures
  • Brent Nolasco's Sonny figure
  • Leecifer assorted customs and sofubi
  • JC Rivera: customs
  • Joe Scarano's prints and Paintings


 Other Items Suburban Vinyl Will Be Selling

Tequila Custom Show

On-site custom toy show using the Muttpop Tequila as a platform, with 22 different artists (see blog post here)

Suburban Guests

  • Joe Scarano
  • Kelly Denato
  • Lou Pimentel
  • Leecifer
  • Brent Nolasco
  • John Grayson
  • Dead Hand Toys
  • Cat Atomic

Suburban Signings

  • John Grayson (Thursday 12-1)
  • Leecifer & Brent Nolasco (Saturday 12-1)
  • ChrisRWK (Saturday 1-2)

Live Painting in Suburban Booth

  • Kelly Denato
  • Lou Pimentel
  • ChrisRWK