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July 30, 2015

Nohwitz: Blood-Letting micro series releases this Friday!

Nohwitz is back with a custom micro series! Carrying bleeding ties, frantically messy bodies, tusks, tentacles and bold, colorful faces, Rocketboy debuts his "Nohwitz: Blood-Letting" limited custom series. These figures are set to release this Friday, July 31st, at 9am EST through Martian Toys. This particular 'Nohwitz' series is limited to just 3 custom toys, each with their own hand painted color palette (purple, yellow and green) The Nohwitz base stands approximately 6 inches tall, is designed by Rocketboy and is 3D printed and produced by Bold Machines. $125 each

DAME #11 by Huck Gee

Huck Gee has been hard at work the past few months creating a sweet custom. Diesel Armored Mobile Emplacement, or DAME #11, is a custom piece that is based on a new world created by Huck called the Dapper Little Scoundrels. Featuring a 15 inch mech suit and Huck's new "Blank" figure, this monster of a piece is priced at $1800 plus shipping and is limited to just 10 pieces. Pre-Orders are being taken now, via email. For more information about the DAME #11 and the Dapper Little Scoundrels, be sure to head on over to Huck Gee's site and check out the blog post regarding the DAME #11 release, here. For the latest information from Huck Gee and crew, be sure to subscribe to Huck's email updates.

I want to hate on Funko but I can't... Funko POP Movies: Monty Python figures

 Everything in me wants to hate on Funko- paint quality is only mediocre. They're everywhere (oversaturated) and I can't make a buck on them, they are literally not worth the space I'd have to devote to them in my warehouse. I fart in their general direction.

But holy shit they keep coming up with some winners! Here they've licensed Monty Mython and the Holy Grail, one of my favorite movies of all time. I just.... can't.... not love them. ARGH!

They'll hit retail shops soon. Not mine, but you'll find them everywhere else.

Pop! Movies: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Our Monty Python and the Holy Grail Pop! set is just in time for the film’s 40th anniversary!

Relive classic moments with Arthur, King of the Britons, the pre-flesh wound  Black Knight, the highly quotable French Taunter, and Sir Bedevere, who was the genius behind the wooden rabbit plan.

Beware! Tim the Enchanter includes the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog! Proceed only if you possess the Holy Hand Grenade!

July 29, 2015

Aresenal Of Artists No Toon Left Behind Show at SubUrban Vinyl

Suburban Vinyl, Playful Gorilla and Cash Cannon presents the Arsenal of Artists "No Toon Left Behind" group art show extravaganza. Opening on 8/15/15, from 4pm-9pm at Suburban Vinyl, this group art show centered around paying tribute to Saturday Morning Cartoons many people grew up with. With 70+ artists providing custom work, digital pieces and 3D sculptures, opening night should be one great night. Suburban Vinyl will be having a BBQ, raffles, and door prizes just to name a few things. So, for everyone in the area, be sure to head on down to Warwick, NJ and take in what looks to be a great show.

Playful Gorilla, Cash Cannon, NeMO, NuggLife, Kris Dulfer, Jfury, David Kraig, RenOne, Mike Die, Melodreama, Pon, ChrisRWK, Brutherford, Mind of the Masons, SoKo Cat, Claynexted, Anthony Respect, Deadhand Toys, Pope Phoenix,Jeff Beck Menace Inc.Studios, InPrimeWeTrust, Beast Box Designs, FreakyKiss Designs, ArtofCristos, Andrew Bones, Raz Christ, The Tonus, Erjurself, Dads Cartoons, The Fractured Nomad, Bun Leung, iRoc Toys, Big C, EOS, FrankMontano, Mr Lunacy, WhiteBoy, Derf Bunny, Chipsouper, Komega, Fernando Sosa aka Mstyle183, Nati513, CreateInkStudios, The 3D Hero, Ume Toys, Malo April, Save The Panduhs, Forces Of Dorkness, Obscure, InkOne, Zukie, JCRivera, Matt A* (Angry Artist), Zombie Petz, MaloWrx, JPK, Small Angry Monster, Shawn Wigs, Lou Pimentel
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Jon-Paul Kaiser Latest Store releases

In between completing commissions and other projects, Jon-Paul Kaiser has found time to create some pieces to throw up in his online store. Jon-Paul has created 2 pieces that will be released on July 31, 1600 BST(11AM EST). "Heartbreak" is a custom Fatima figure, which was designed by Sam Flores. Jon-Paul left the figure intact, opting to cover the Fatima dress in imagery representing Heartbreak and hopelessness. This 8" custom is priced at £400.

The second release is called "Kitsune Tattoo Foot", which is a custom created using a 3AA 1:1 scale severed foot. This 8" GID foot features a Japanese Kitsune Tattoo and is also priced at £400. Both customs will be available through Jon-Paul Kaiser's online store on Friday at 1600 BST.

All in Your Hands Custom Labbit by Jon-Paul Kaiser

One of Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest commissions comes from a private collector from mainland China. With the customer only requesting a "Hands" theme, the rest of the design was left up to Jon-Paul. This piece was a bit different from what Jon-Paul is used to creating, in that there are no landscapes or characters being created. The end result however, is a wonderful custom which also features a secret UV painting on the flanks of the labbit, which the customer will be able to see(and possibly share with the rest of the world). Photographs were taken by Justin Allfree, Jon-Paul Kasier's photographer for everything.

July 28, 2015

INCREDIBLY Talented Artist Jason Jacenko has Massive Stroke, Needs Your Assistance via GoFundMe

I wouldn't wish a stroke on anyone, but it hits closest to home (for me) when it's one of US. And by us, I mean this small, intimate art toy community. It happened to Andy (ToysREvil) and he will be the first to tell you that post-stroke life is NOT EASY. Regretfully, it sounds like Jason's stroke was even more severe than Andy's was, and he's going to need outside help to continue his art career.... to that end, Jason's partner Sally Ann has set up a GoFundMe campaign here to help aid in his care

Jason Jacenko aka Atomika aka 696 Ink Tattoos has produced some of the most whimsical, detailed and gorgeous custom toys we've ever seen.

A Google Image search of Jason's toys just mind-blowing.

Please give a little to this artist who deserves your help.
I just donated.

- Benny Kline

969 Ink (tattoo studio) 

Atomic Fiends x Felix Martinez & Strange Cat Toys

Felix Martinez has teamed up with Strange Cat Toys to bring you 12 custom painted Dunnys titled "Atomic Fiends".

Each Dunny is the same design and will come in 3 colors (5 green, 4 blue and 3 purple). These guys will be available for purchase next week... but in the meantime to promote these Dunnys, 
they are holding a contest! All people have to do is follow the instructions on the attached image. 

The contest will run until Thursday July 30th at 3pm EST. 

CHEAP RESIN: The Minatorg by Forces of Dorkness

FROM Forces of Dorkness:

For thousands of centuries the Minatorg has been trapped on planet P. A cybernetic organism designed for a war long forgotten. The evils of hell directly injected through carbon nanotubes into the nervous system of this bio-robo. The Minatorg needs to find a way off planet P. The planet orbits a black hole and has existed in an anomalous state of time. Time is running out as the planets decaying orbit draws it closer to being sucked into the black hole…

This first time collaboration was created by Boyd Braden a.k.a. BOObotcher (Brooklyn, NY), with the sculpt, cast, and production being handled by Scott Kinnebrew a.k.a. The Forces of Dorkess (Austin, TX). The Minatorg, who stands 4 1/2” tall, has 2 points of magnetic articulation allowing you to position both his clawed arm and blaster arm in any position you want. Each figure is cast in transparent red resin, bagged with a custom glossy header card designed by BOObotcher, and assembled using otherworldly red chrome staples.

These are only $25 +shipping, and SUPER limited - so don't wait!

July 27, 2015

CHEAP RESIN: Hello Everybody!

Hey guys, Alex here from @CheapResin on Instagram! I was thrilled when I was asked to join the Tenacious Team.

I'll be posting the best of the best from our Instagram feed as well as some cool Tenacious exclusives, but for now please enjoy this shot of my current OBSESSION - The Bog Dwellers from my boys in Bog Squad.

POP! Games: Bioshock figures by Funko

6-inch Bioshock Big Daddy POP! Games figure by Funko
OK so this is one of those posts where I'l like "Hey guys, I found some hella cool shit and I'm not getting it for the store!" Sorta stupid but I just couldn't NOT post about these, I mean check out that 6" tall Big Daddy POP! So damn cool. Below are the rest of the POP! Bioshock figures, and their write-up:
Characters from the critically acclaimed and widely
popular BioShock series are the latest addition to Pop! Games!

 Booker DeWitt, former member of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency,
comes with either his signature firearm or Sky-Hook for a quick escape!

He’ll need both to take on villains like the alluring
Little Sisters and super-sized 6” Big Daddy Pop!

Nothing will keep Booker from the
task at hand: rescuing Elizabeth!

Bioshock Little Sister POP! Games figure by Funko

Bioshock Elizabeth POP! Games figure by Funko

Bioshock Booker DeWitt (with Skyhook) POP! Games figure by Funko

Bioshock Booker DeWitt POP! Games figure by Funko

July 24, 2015

HOW-TO: Photograph Custom Toys at Home, On a Budget (Part 1 - Setup)


So I have this thing I'm doing called Rollin Gobis. It's a rolling online custom show featuring the Muttpop Gobi platform - a 3.5" vinyl humanoid (luchador) figure which is basically part of the lime of toys that the popular Tequila came from.

As I gather up my images for this release, I had one custom Gobi by Cash Cannon left to shoot, and I thought I'd take the opportunity to show all of you how to photograph a custom toy for the web. Initially I thought this might be a short tutorial but I realized that not all of you have access to the same DSLR camera and Photoshop like I do. So... those tools are great for me but maybe not a useful tutorial for many of you.

The reason I am doing this is the same reason I've been bitching and whining about your images for years: when you sell stuff on the web, the images are all you have to make an impression. They have to look pretty good and professional, even if you do them yourself.

Many of you seem to fall back on the good old "shot in dim lighting on my kitchen table with busy background" shot. Please stop doing that. I know many of you are working a day job and sculpting at night, and you're exhausted by the time you finish, but also super excited... so you snap the first picture you can of that piece, at night, on your table, in front of your bored cat and overflowing garbage can. And then you post it to IG because you're all proud, and some bloggers pick it up and run with it, and BAM - that's your actual official picture that gets circulated of that piece.

So your pictures look like you don't give a shit. And that's bad. Whether you want to believe it or not, there is psychology involved in selling your art to people, and you have to appeal to their inner sense of "must have this thing right now." Not giving a shit, in sales, leads to not selling shit.

So, to recap: your images of your custom toys should be brightly lit, against a white (preferably completely blank) background. 

MANY of you don't seem to think you able to produce images like this without hiring a photographer, but you can. In this How-To series, which I think will be 4 posts long, I will show you how to: set up your photoshoot, edit the images on your iPhone, OR edit the images in Preview if you have a Mac, OR edit the images in Photoshop if you have it. All with the intention of creating nice clean images that help sell your artwork. So, 3 different image editing options according to what equipment/tools you have available. I chose this particular figure to demonstrate because black objects (and sometimes white objects) are the most difficult to photograph. This piece by Cash happens to be both black AND glossy, so it's actually pretty difficult- all those reflections plus a high contract between object and background.

Part 1 - Setup of your Photoshoot
So here we have the awesome Vader Gobi

A "seamless" is a piece of equipment for a photo studio into which you place the object to be photographed. The intention is to give you proper light and a nice clean white background behind the object.

You can buy a seamless pretty much anywhere. Google that shit. They're not expensive.

I don't own a seamless, despite having considered myself a photographer for a while.

I make one every time I have to shoot a toy in my home.

How do I magically make a seamless? you may ask... well, I'll tell you, slappy: it's a piece of damn paper.

Yeah that's right, regular old printer paper works just fine.

So basically, I did this shoot at about 10AM today when the light was shining right into my kitchen through the window. I chose this time and location because ambient light (the amount of random-ass light in the room) is strong here.

On the floor I placed a heavy, clean, white envelope that is supposed to be used for shipping prints. It's big on purpose, just to give me more white space to work with. Taped to the side of the cabinet is a regular piece of white paper, low enough that almost half of it hits the ground and curves. That's a seamless right there. It prevents the viewer (the camera) from seeing a line between a floor and a back wall inside the frame of the image.

So you can see right at the bottom of the shot above that the patch of sunlight gets really close to my little shitty seamless.That's awesome and intentional. Sunlight (natural light) is great but being in DIRECT sunlight makes for really difficult photography. What you want is AMBIENT light bouncing all around the room, lighting up your subject from all angles (instead of hitting it directly on the top and making really dark shadows right next to really bright spots). The sunlight will get close to Cash's Vader but will not hit it directly.

If you or I owned a professional seamless, there would be one or 2 lights affixed to it that would achieve this ambient lighting effect. And it'd be better... but we don't have a seamless and this makeshift shit will work just fine for us to sell items on the internet.

From the side, the seamless looks something like this. You can slide the curve in or out as needed.

So I place the feet of Vader right at the edge of the paper to hold it down flat.

Above you see the subject right up at the edge of the seamless, approx 4 inches from the back wall. Feet of the toy hold down the edge of the paper. You can also do this with tape if needed. Keeping that edge down flush is key because we are doing a bit of half-assed editing after the shoot, and I want to keep the work as basic as possible so you can execute without having to use a clone stamp or some weird tool in Photoshop to remove the shadow that would be created if that edge wasn't flush.

This image shows a tiny shadow under the piece of paper near Vader's feet. I can edit this out in Photoshop but just try to do a better job than I did in eliminating that shadow and you won't have to edit it.

Above are the unedited shots from this photoshoot. They have not been cropped or adjusted. These were taken on an iPhone 6 Plus with the HDR setting turned on. All iPhones have decent enough cameras for this, and many of the Samsungs and other smartphones do too.

All that weird stuff like the edge of the paper, the shadow cast by the figure, the different colors of the envelope on the floor vs the paper, and the crap on the floor in the background will all be edited or cropped out.

That's it. In the next post in this series, I'll show you how to edit these images on your iPhone.
Good game.

July 23, 2015

FOLLOW UP: Waste from Russia - Beaяs & Pяimats

Following up on our previous blog post where we introduced you to Waste, a toymaker from lovely lakeside Petrozavodsk in western Russia, we have some follow-up info! I guess he noticed our post!

His real name is Alexandr Bud'kin aka WAS+E / 2013. As a child he was constantly drawing comics, and sculpting figures of heroes of films. He discovered designer toys in 2004 (just like me and Steph!) and that was his starting point for toymaking. Now he is working on a series of figures based on his doodle drawings: Beaяs & Pяimats. He's working in parallel on several projects:
1. working with a Russian brand of street wear
2. making figures for his friend @pashabumazhniy
3. creating some figures with a Russian hip-hop artist

More info on those projects will be sent to us soon, but for now we have these images of his drawings and the start of his toy creation process in the Beaяs & Pяimats series.
 здорово встретиться с вами , Александр