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May 27, 2015

Unearthed Grail by Crummy Gummy x Manny X

Crummy Gummy is releasing an artist series for his newest resin figure "The Four Faced Gummy". The first custom pieces will come from Manny X, titled "Unearthed Grail". Limited to just 10 pieces, these will go on sale on Friday, May 29th at 3pm EST. Each piece is priced at $50 each plus S&H. Here is some info provided by Crummy Gummy regarding "Unearthed Grail":

"Artist Crummy Gummy will be releasing an Artist Series where selected artists customize his newest resin figure "The Four Faced Gummy". First in the series is by artist Manny X with his "UNEARTHED GRAIL" It is limited edition of 10 and will be made available at for $50 plus S&H. 

The Origin

Within the confines of this four faced idol lay the power to generate eternal happiness, anger, sadness or death. It is said that these 10 relics are solely responsible for the rise and fall of all know civilizations. In fear of falling into the wrong hands they have been scattered and buried throughout Earth. We have spent centuries scouring the planet in search for them.  

Now the search is over and the prophecy of world domination can finally be fulfilled!!! 
For those interested in picking up one of these pieces, be sure to head on over to Crummy Gummy's online shop and pick up one of these custom pieces.