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April 22, 2015

Cakes with Faces submission for Fans of Teas Series 4

ToyConUK 2015 is coming up fast and artists are getting as much done as possible for the event. This year, Flatties has organized Fans of Tea Series 4, which features a number of custom Lunartik Teas which will be on display at the Lunartik booth. Cakes with Faces is based out of Coventry in the UK and has created a couple custom Teas for Fans of Tea Series 4. Aptly named Oc-Tea-Pus and Tea Tone, these punny named creations are not the first submissions by Cakes with Faces. Buzzing Bumble-Tea was a part of the previous Fans of Tea Series 3. For everyone's viewing pleasure, Cakes with Faces have provided a cool time lapse video of the creation of both customs. Definitely nice to take a peak into the creation process for any custom, let alone these Lunartik Minis, which don't get customized as often as other platforms. For those attending ToyConUK 2015, be sure to stop by the Lunartik booth and check out all of the Fans of Teas customs.