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October 28, 2014

Skull Leader - Custom Dunny by Huck Gee

What happens when technology meets artistic creativity, the world gets Huck Gee combined with 3D printing and an amazing production team. This epic combination leads to blowing the lid on the realm of what is possible. What was once a design that never made it through the entire production process, is essentially Huck Gee's latest re-imagined custom Dunny. Huck Gee's latest custom Dunny is "Skull Leader", influenced by Robotech's character Ray Fokker. With Robotech having a strong influence in Huck Gee's artistic life and youth, as well as many others who were lucky enough to watch the series, Skull Leader is just Huck Gee revisiting his youth. Skull Leader can stand anywhere between 8" and 12", depending on the stretch of the articulating legs. With this latest piece being a mash up of several of Huck's ideas, this will likely be the last figure release of the year for Huck Gee. Pre-orders for Skull Leader will begin on October 31st at 11am PDT and remain open for exactly 24 hours, closing on November 1st, at 11am PDT. Priced at $450, plus shipping, this is one of Huck Gee's more affordable pieces. For more info and pictures, be sure to check out Huck Gee's site.

The Truth About Pinnochio Exhibit at GKO Gallery presented by Art Toy Gama Collective

From November 22, 2014 until November 29th, 2014, Art Toy Gama Collective presents "The Truth About Pinocchio" at the GKo Art Gallery in Tolosa, Spain. This week long exhibition features works from artists all around the world, influenced by the classic Disney character Pinocchio. The exhibition coincides with the International Puppet Festival ("Titirijai 2014"), which seems a fitting time, considering the art is influenced by one of the most famous puppets in the world. Here are just a few examples of both 2D and 3D representations of what is going to be in the Exhibition, but everyone should head on over to the Art Toy Gama Collective Facebook page and check out all of the other pieces.
Some info about Art Toy Gama Collective:
As promoter of the Exhibition is one emerging Collective born with the purpose of promoting the artistic movement of the Art Toys in all its aspects: Art Toy Gama Collective. A group of artists, with different backgrounds and professional experiences, all Spanish speakers from Spain, Chile, Colombia and Argentina, and linked to the Movement or tendency in contemporary design based in Artwith Toys – AntuJudas ArrietaArtefacto Inc., La Maison de Mageritdoll and C├ęsar Zanardi. With the ambition of celebrate and participate Artistic Projects - and other activities - associated with Art Toys and with the intention of getting involved with international artists.”

Playge Doctor S004 [GRACKLE] Dropping on Halloween on the Squadt Site

NOT AVAILABLE ON MY WEBSITE but too cool not to mention:

The release is set for HALLOWEEN DAY, OCT 31 - 12:00 noon central time. >

PLAYGE DOCTOR [GRACKLE] 6" vinyl, fur and ABS - Includes: clear grey lenses, fur topped cape, 2.1 and classic arms, jeweled clear grey sword-cane, clear grey katana and removable helmet.

$95 Includes worldwide shipping. Again, I will not be selling.

Brothers, Punk Edition by The Criaturas

Madrid based artist The Criaturas, aka Javier Romero, is opening a pre-sale for his latest resin creation: "Brothers, Punk Edition". The Punk Brothers are "unique, inseparable" and will make a great piece for any room. Limited to 100 pieces worldwide, each "Punk" inspired piece is signed and number. 100% hand-made and hand-painted, the Brothers piece stands at 22cm (~8.7 inches). Each "Brothers" piece is priced at 75 Euros plus shipping (~$96) and for a limited time, will include an adorable criatura for free. Pre-Sale opens on October 29, 2014 on the Criatura website.


Stay up to date with all future info from The Criaturas:
instagram: the_criaturas

"Death Shroud" Custom Dunny set by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest completed commission is a nice set of five custom Dunnys titled "Death Shroud". Jon-Paul used a variety of different 3" Dunny base sculpts, from a regular 3" Dunny, to a Huck Gee Zombie and Post Apocalyps Geisha Dunny, as well as a Bjornik and MAD Zombie Biker Dunny. Jon-Paul is able to create unique and individual characters, each with it's own story.

From Jon-Paul: "Death Shroud" is a "team dedicated to learning the secrets to eternal life, through surgery, implantation and cybernetic augmentation". The following is Jon-Paul Kaiser's description of each character:
"The Beast" is a long-term study in the effects of heavy surgery, coupled with a synthesized serum, rumored to be derived from Virus-Z.

"The Beast" - Custom 3" Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree
 "Captain Rugen" is the originator of the group, rumored to be hundreds of years old. He is a little more than dried flesh, clinging to the remains of his skeleton, yet he lingers on.

"Captain Rugen" - Custom 3" Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree
"Lady Rugen" is the daughter of the Captain, with a seemingly perfect and subtle blend of augmentation and an array of serums.
"Lady Rugen" - Custom 3" Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree

"Madame Tiele" is Captain Rugen's former lover. Over decades, "Madame Tiele" has gradually replaced her body with synthetic implants and organs.
"Madame Tiele" - Custom 3" Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree
"Klaus Hammerstein" is Captain Rugen's brutal security enforcer. A warped mutant, who is the only survivor of Captain Rugen's short lived obsession with the irradiation of genes.
"Klaus Hammerstein" - Custom 3" Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree
All combined, the group of five represent "Death Shroud". An awesome collection of Dunnys, each with a nice back story. With Halloween in a few days, this group of Dunnys seems quite fitting for the season. As with all of Jon-Paul's work, the wonderful photos were taken by Justin Allfree, with many more shots to be shown on Jon-Paul Kaiser's social media pages.

Johnny Cupcakes x Linkin Park Underground Collaboration

Johnny Cupcakes is pretty good at getting some sweet licensing deals, as well as having amazing collaborations with some big names. Johnny Cupcakes' latest collaboration is with Linkin Park Underground. Up for pre-order right now, until November 17th, 2014, is a Johnny Cupcakes collaboration T-Shirt which is priced at $40 each plus shipping. In addition to the sweet T-Shirt, orders of the JC x LPU shirt will also receive a one-year membership to the Linkin Park Underground. If that wasn't enough, all orders have a chance to win some awesome prizes. Be sure to check out Johnny Cupcakes for more info.

Boo! It's a Halloween sale at Ink It Labs

Halloween is upon us and Ink It Labs is deciding to celebrate with a nice little sale. From now until November 3rd, 2014, customers can save 20% off an entire order placed through the Ink It Labs online store. Using the coupon code "BOO", will knock off a sweet 20% chunk off the total, before tax and shipping charges. Ink It Labs specializes in laser cut art and have worked with a bunch of artists. Ink It Labs also can make art from customers, into awesome "double sided printed and laser cut charms". For collectors, there are still some incredible pieces available to purchase through the Ink It Labs online store, from a bunch of different artists. Everyone should check out the Ink It Labs online store and see what goods are available to purchase.
Bugglestump Forest #2 by Chris Ryniak, made by Ink It Labs
Ollie The Bat by Nom Nom Luv, made by Ink It Labs
Lil' Rufus by Scott Tolleson, made by Ink It Labs