NYCC 2016
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October 16, 2014

Daimyo Custom Deathshead by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Avid collectors sometimes gravitate towards a specific platform and often commission artists around the world to put his/her spin on the piece. Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest commissioned piece was a David Flores Deathshead piece. After talking with the client, they settled on a samurai themed piece, with lots of red. Jon-Paul says that this piece took months to complete because he kept going back to the drawing board, as he saw the many Deathshead pieces arrive to the collector. Jon-Paul really wanted his piece to stand out in the group of custom Deathshead. Considering this piece now stands as the center piece of one of the collectors Deathshead shelves, it looks like Jon-Paul succeeded. All the awesome pics were taken by photographer Justin Allfree, Jon-Paul's go to photographer.
Jon-Paul is most likely still accepting commission requests, so for the collectors out there who want one, be sure to get in contact with Jon-Paul and make it happen. Awesome custom pieces await.

Monster Kolor Custom Show pieces now available in our shop, 2 weeks only!

Just before NYCC I pulled the pieces from this show out of the PIQ shop in Grand Central. I was not able to get them listed on our site till this week. A couple dozen beautiful pieces left from a group of incredibly talented artists are available for 2 weeks on our Monster Kolor Custom Show page here.

Artist Roster for this show: D-LUX • Dr Rampageo • Evilos • Forces of Dorkness • Gorgoloid • GUUMON • Jay222 • VideoV0mit • Josh Mayhem • KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES • Mark Nagata • MCA • Mechavirus • Michael Devera • Mr Munk • Prometheum5 • HotWingForgery • Small Angry Monster • SoKo Cat • Erick Scarecrow • Suckadelic

Govra EP & the GovraPod

Moscow sludge/stoner metal band Montezuma's Revenge was inspired by the Govra story and composed the hymn of the mysterious enigmatic goddess. Their friends made four fantastic remixes to the song.

Such remarkable release needed a proper package, so Sergey Safonov produced a GovraPod – cold monolith that contain all the media assets of this project, plus exclusive poster. 

They are happy to release all this beauty to the public. Please enjoy the tunes and the story behind it - GOVRA EP