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October 10, 2014

Steampunk Raccoon by Steamy Chums

On October 13, Steamy Chums is going to release the next character in the Steamy Chums world, Raccoon. After a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, Steamy Chums has been working full steam ahead, creating rewards and continuing to create and expand the world of Steamy Chums. Created using 3D modeling and a 3D printer, Raccoon features the same steampunk design aesthetic as the initial characters Sloth and Fox.

From Steamy Chums:
It is created by the survivors living in Camp Prema, who specialized in recreating woodland creatures, after everything was lost in the apocalyptic disaster that wiped away almost all Life.

This little creature has a mischievous character, smart, and with lots of energy. In order to render such a character, we designed him alcohol powered. You can see the tiny barrel full of its fuel in the maze of gears and pipes.

With this third figure, Steamy Chums brings on its message of love for all living beings and faith in humanity. Our provocative story is meant to raise awareness towards the risks of losing wildlife.

Standing at 12cm (or just under 4 3/4 inches), Raccoon will be priced at 58 Euros (~$74). Limited to just 50 pieces, these resin Raccoons will become available on Monday October 13th at 11am PST. After this initial release, Raccoon will also be released in other series called pop, quartz and DIY. For all those interested, be sure to sign up for the Steamy Chums' newsletter to stay up to date with this and all future releases.

Travis Cain Fun Gus Kickstarter

Travis Cain, designer of the KidRobot bff’s, and 2009’s uber-rare wooden Dunnys has launched a Kickstarter project to fund the production of his new limited-edition toy, FUN GUS. 


He is a FUN GUY (ha!) and a pretty cool mushroom - easy going, rockin' some sweet shell toes and just doing his own thing. Fun Gus will make a great platform toy for both DIY customizers and artist editions. Speaking of artist editions - 3 great artists have made awesome versions of FUN GUS for launch: Buff Monster, Frank Kozik, and Jeremyville! Rewards range from DIY versions of Fun Gus all the way up to a trip to New York with ultra rare signed colorways. 

Travis will be at New York Comic Con this weekend talking about FUN GUS, showing prototypes and giving stuff away if you plan on being there  stop by. Booth #208 at 5pm Saturday and Booth #113 at 1pm on Sunday.

Photos of the various versions after the cut.

Hip Hop Trooper figures available TODAY at Booth 208

First customer: #1/100
Each 3.75" figure is hand-painted by Small Angry Monster, with blister-packed accessories by KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES (Def Star Blaster & gold chain). Includes 2-sides full color card with artwork by Manly Art and printed by Sidekick Lab
Each of the 100 Hip Hop Trooper action figures were blessed by Hip Hop Trooper himself by way of his signature on cards that he also hand-numbered: 1/100 through 100/100. Hip Hop Trooper figures are $65 each, find them at the Tenacious Collective. Look for me (Benny). 
If you can't make it to NYCC to grab one in person, we will be auctioning 3 on eBay after NYCC with 100% of sales of those pieces going to a cancer charity, so there is a shot at getting one starting in a week or so.
Stacks of Hip Hop Troopers
Stryder the Hip Hop Trooper signing the cards that are included with each figure

Jason Freeny Signing at 1PM today at NYCC Booth 208

Today at 1PM we are welcoming the anatomical toy master Jason Freeny into our booth for a signing! Come to NYCC Booth 208 in The Block to meet him! We have set aside two dozen of Jason's Red Gummi Anatomy figures for this signing- grab one and get it signed, all at our booth, today only!

ZEROFUCKSFRIDAY: It's Zero Fucks Friday and the FUnicorn is at the Tenacious Collective!

Come to the Tenacious Collective Booth 208 at NYCC today to get a sneak peek at the FUnicorn prototype in the glass case! Creator / designer Klim Kozinevich of Bigshot Toyworks will be on hand to talk shop. The FUnicorn will be available for preorder on Zero Fucks Friday October 17th at the Bigshot Toyshop.

NYCC Day 1: Photos from Thursday at Booth 208 Tenacious Collective

Hulk Smash Can collab between Cash Cannon & Mike NEMO Mendez at NYCC Booth 208

Come find Cash Cannon at his table right next to the Kid Ink table near the corner of Booth 208 in The Block to buy these awesome Hulk Smash Can pieces cast by Cash Cannon and painted by elusive legend Mike NEMO Mendez. Who knows, you might even spot NEMO at NYCC today...