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October 6, 2014

NYCC 2014 - Hip Hop Trooper from Team Tenacious Toys

A few days before NYCC 2014 and a few more exclusives are being revealed. The latest reveal is a Hip Hop Trooper from Tenacious Toys and Team Tenacious.

Here is the project as explained by Benny:

We are super stoked to reveal our final #NYCC Exclusive - a 3.75" bootleg-style @hiphoptrooper action figure, executed by Team Tenacious with the blessing of Hip Hop Trooper himself! Figure comes with Def Star Thumper and gold chain accessories, in a blister clamshell with full color artwork! Big big thanks to @s_a_monster for the impressively detailed paint on the figures, @manlyart for the ridiculous card back artwork, @sidekicklab for printing the cards, and Tenacious Toys Operations Manager @kris_dulfer for handling literally every other part of this project, from the figures to the accessories to the purchasing. Truly a team effort here. 100 figures, $65 each. Look for a few figures to be held back and sold online after NYCC to benefit Hip Hop Trooper's charity of choice!
For all those lucky enough going to NYCC 2014 this year, be sure to check out the Tenacious Toys Collective Space at Booth 208 in The Block. Get this and many other exclusives there.

FUnicorn teaser video by Bigshot Toyworks

FUnicorn Silver: available in Bigshot Toyshop on ZeroFucksFriday, October 17
When douchiness abounds, dickishness is afoot and general jerkiness is slung about for no good reason...HE WILL BE THERE!

Bigshot Toyworks proudly presents... the FUnicorn!! Riding to your aid like a majestical steed, dealing backhands of justice, with Zero Fucks given or taken. In a world of pretty ponies and other glitter-spewing magical creatures, the FUnicorn gallops across the land with his head held high, ready to spread his message… of love. 

The FUnicorn stands 8 inches tall, hand crafted in resin in limited numbers.
Capture the full color version for the direct, no-nonsense effect, or choose from Gold, Silver or Bronze to award the FUnicorn to your own Zero Fucks Hero.

Pre-orders for the herd of FUnicorns will be available in the Bigshot Toyshop on Zero Fucks Friday, October 17th, so prepare yourself for instant legendary status (free with purchase). Come to NYCC Booth 208 to see a FUNicorn prototype in person!

The FUnicorn...he puts the FU back in FUN!

NYCC 2014 - Crummy Gummy releases at PiQ

Crummy Gummy is going to be releasing a few things at NYCC 2014, through the PiQ Booth #614. First up is an about 1 lb Crummy Gummy Boy resin figure, limited to just 5 available pieces. Crummy Gummy Boy stands at about 6" and will cost $185 each.
In addition to the resin piece, Crummy Gummy is going to have a new print available for $45 each. Limited to just 50 pieces, the print is titled "Bye Bye Michael Bay". Crummy Gummy will be at NYCC for a signing at PiQ, Booth #617, along with several other great artists. For all those attending NYCC, be sure to check out Booth #617 and all the signings going on. Also, be sure to stop by Booth #208 and say hello to all the people at the Tenacious Toys Collective space.