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October 3, 2014

Recent Customs from One-Eyed Girl

Artist Kasey Tararuj, One-Eyed Girl, creates some pretty amazing customs. Each custom has her unique style, while the mainstream characters are still recognizable as such. Kasey's latest creation is for the "Turtles in Time" group show at Bottleneck Art Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. "Turtles in Time" is a group show which celebrates 30 years of Turtle Power. Kasey's custom features all four Turtles in a Leaning Tower of Pizza pose, each turtle carries his respective weapon and has his signature color. Created from 4 micro munnys, with lots of paint and sculpting, this amazing piece will be available during the show opening on October 3rd and online thereafter.
Also available, is one of Kasey's customs from the recent Vinyl Thoughts 5 Art show. Detective Furlock Ringtail is created from a MADL vinyl figure, featuring Kasey's unique style. Available now from the Vinyl Thoughts Nation online store for $200, this piece will make a great addition to any collection.
Keep up with Kasey's work on her website for One-Eyed Girl.


Kris Dulfer has been gearing up for this year's New York Comic Con and teasing us with pics via Instagram and Facebook.   Now he's ready to show us the goods.  Like last year, Kris will be part of the Tenacious Toys Collective, situated in the middle of The Block at NYCC.  He'll have some really unique wares as you can see below.  From custom painted sofubi skulls and kaiju like Grody Shogun to an gooey Groot and sparkly Yoda.  Stop by booth #208 to check out the wares KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES has to offer, including a debut action figure by Justin Lebowitz!

Hooray, it's ZeroFucksFriday and the FUnicorn is almost here!

When douchiness abounds, dickishness is afoot and general jerkiness is slung about for no good reason...HE WILL BE THERE!

Bigshot Toyworks proudly presents... the FUnicorn!! Riding to your aid like a majestical steed, dealing backhands of justice, with zero fucks given or taken. In a world of pretty ponies and other glitter-spewing magical creatures, the FUnicorn gallops across the land with his head held high, ready to spread his message… of love. More info soon!

NYCC Exclusivers: The Disarticulators, Disart ToyLabs and Gory Hole at the Rampage x Tru:Tek NYCC booth… |

 Click the link below for the FULL RUNDOWN of all the Disarticulators Exclusives at our NYCC booth 208:

MAN-E-XCLUSIVE// The Disarticulators, Disart ToyLabs and Gory Hole at the Rampage x Tru:Tek NYCC booth… |

NYCC Suburban Vinyl Booth

Artist Carson Catlin brings his fantastic reticulated style to New York Comic Con this year and Suburban Vinyl will be showcasing his work. Using some of the latest platforms Catlin has created some amazing pieces for Suburban Vinyl. They will have an assortment of 7 4" Munnys, 2 Coarse mini omens, 2 Kronk Mayhem Dunnys and a Dead Zebra Last Knight. Make sure to go and visit them at booth 208 to take a look at these amazing pieces and pick one up for yourself.

SNEAK PEEK: Mr. Fink's Fink Warriors drop Saturday Oct 4th

Introducing the new 2.25" resin Fink Warriors by Mr. Fink! DIYs and custom figures dropping this Saturday at 10.30pm UK time... more exclusives and colorways will be available via PlayDeadToys, Tenacious Toys and Spanky Stokes at later dates.

25 Fink Warriors will go up on the Fink website on 4/10/14 (Saturday). There will be 20 x DIY bagged (above) and 5 x hand painted, kitted up and boxed (below).

The price for the DIY is £8.50 + postage
The price for the hand painted is £10.50 + postage

Fink Warrior clones have been cast in resin by Michael 'Bubo' Reilly (of Play Dead Toys) from an original wood, wire and cloth handmade fink warrior. There will be more warrior clones and accessories to come....

They will be available from and a further 20 of each exclusive colorway will also be available from the retailers listed below. 4 'Chase' figures will be randomly available through these retailers, each customized by Michael 'Bubo' Reilly. - Undead Grey - Tenacious Blue (will be at NYCC booth 208) - Onyx Black (will be at Spanky's Dcon booth)

More info will be posted here on this blog as the next colorways roll out!

EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Crux Delgado's custom Bots for Cenobots Series 2.1

At our NYCC booth #208 we will be releasing a new edition of the Cenobots blind-box custom series. With over a dozen talented artists and 25+ pieces in this series, there is a lot to get excited about for Hellraiser fans! Pictured above are the entries by Crux Delgado, who also served as the graphic designer for the artwork for this series. You will see his artwork on the blind boxes.

Cenobot Birdhouse & Cenobot Spike by Crux Delgado
  • 3" Kidrobot mascots
  • Vinyl, Sculpey, & Acrylic
The Cenobots 2.1 blind box figures will be $75 each and we will have a few on display out of box to swap after each sale. Buy, swap, love them! Come to Booth 208 to find them.

NYCC GI Joe/Transformers Prints by George Vega and Brandi Dixon

With less than a week to go before NYCC Geek Stuff still has a few more booth exclusives to announce.  This time it's the awesome GI Joe/ Transformers prints from artist  George Vega and colorist Brandi Dixon.  These limited edition prints are 11x17 and will sell for $20 a piece and will be available exclusively at the Geek Stuff booth #127 throughout the con's four day run.