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September 25, 2014

EXCLUSIVE Coverage of Rampage Toys NYCC Exclusive Figures!

Is this not one of the most bad-ass pieces of vinyl you've ever seen?
 Jon Malmstedt of Rampage Toys kindly offered us the opportunity to drops these EXCLUSIVE, yet-to-be-released images of some of the many awesome sofubi exclusives he will be bringing to our collective NYCC booth #208! Behold, the wonders of crazy Japanese vinyl! Many of these items are on their way to my warehouse RIGHT NOW! You don't want to miss this opportunity to pick up Rampage pieces at NYCC... the opportunity to purchase Jon's work stateside is very rare indeed.

More SubUrban Vinyl NYCC 2014 Releases

NYCC 2014 approaches quickly and releases continue to be revealed. This time around, SubUrban Vinyl has a little more info to release for those attending NYCC. First up, THC Droplets from Wasted Talent. These THC Droplets are based on the sold out custom Buddy Fonzarelli created by Wasted Talent for the Blood Type Positive show. These 2.5" sculpted and resin cast custom droplets will be available at the SubUrban Vinyl Booth #208 in The Block at NYCC 2014. Available in an OG Purp and an OG Kush colorway, each colorway will be limited to just 12 pieces, with each piece being signed and numbered.

Also at NYCC 2014, SubUrban Vinyl will have artist Lou Pimentel live painting and signing all weekend. Lou Pimentel will have a new print available called "Odisseia", which is limited to just 50 signed and numbered prints. The "Odisseia" print measures in at 11" x 14" and is printed on water color rag paper. Prints will be available on October 9th at booth #208 in The Block. Be sure to check out all of SubUrban Vinyl's NYCC offerings.

REVEAL: Dead as F#ck custom figure by Betso for Suburban Vinyl NYCC show

Custom resin Dead as F#ck figure by Betso. Resin figure designed by JC Rivera and produced by We Are Not Toys. Custom is for the Dead as F#ck show taking place at the Suburban Vinyl booth number 208 at NYCC 2014- that's the Tenacious Collective, people! Your one stop for all toy art awesomeness. Swing by to see all the awesome pieces! More info on the booth here.

Tenacious Toys NYCC 2014 Exclusives

This year, Steph and I are going about NYCC a bit differently... after managing this huge booth last year in addition to trucking in and selling our own exclusives and regular inventory, I personally was beyond exhausted... I took a lot of time off after NYCC, which really isn't great for business. You build up all this momentum, and that's the worst time to disappear and have the shop closed and fail to respond to emails. Lesson learned.

For 2014, I decided I am JUST managing this booth, so I can be more present to chat with people, take care of my collective and makes sure the whole 600-square-foot shebang goes off smoothly.

That being said, it's really difficult for me to actually roll up to NYCC without bringing along some exclusive releases. Thankfully I can rely on a network of super talented artists to create cool pieces for us to sell.

This blog post will grow, but for today, here are the first Tenacious Toys NYCC exclusives I have to share:
  • Sam Raimi action figure by Credenda Studios - 50pcs, $65 each
  • Pandara Super Hero Edition by SoKo Cat - 5" tall, 3pcs, $75 each
  • Lil Death - Spectre Edition by SoKo Cat - 4" tall, 3pcs, $75 each
  • Burgermeister NYCC Exclusive by Jacob JAMS - 1.5" tall, 10pcs, $15 each
  • Burgermeister Blue Tenacious Toys Exclusive by Jacob JAMS - 1.5" tall, 10pcs, $15 each
I'll share more blog posts this week about the exclusives that members of the Tenacious Collective are bringing, plus our signing schedule and the other non-exclusive toys and collectibles we will have on hand. If you'd like to get a jump on that info, all of the current info I have about the exclusives, signings and releases for the other members of the Tenacious Collective can be found on our website here.

The Cenobots 2.1 blind box series is not necessarily a Tenacious Toys exclusive production, but rather a series 100% developed and launched by the artists involved. We are giving this series the chance to debut at NYCC at our booth!