NYCC 2016
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September 23, 2014

Kyle Kirwan at NYCC 2014 Booth #425

This year at NYCC 2014, Brooklyn based artist Kyle Kirwan will have a bunch of stuff to show and sell at Booth #425 in the Block. In addition to Stickers, trading cards, buttons and magnets, Kyle will have a new mini-figure on hand, as well as some customs for sale. Kyle is probably working like a mad man getting everything completed and ready for NYCC, which seems to be growing every year.
At NYCC, Kyle will also have the Willo Resin Prototype on hand, for people to take a first hand look at. The Willo prototype was the basis behind Kyle's successful Kickstarter, which funded back in May. Rotocast resin pieces are going to be made as rewards, based on the prototype. This will be a chance for people to get a better feel for size and scale of Willo. Hopefully this will get more people excited for Willo, so when the figure does release, there should be no problem selling them to the masses.
Not to limit himself to just 3D goodies, Kyle will also have some original pieces of art for sale at his booth, #425 in the Block. Everyone who is attending NYCC 2014 should stop by Kyle's booth and pick up some items.

Introducing Skullnade by David Kraig

With NYCC 2014 seemingly around the corner, releases are starting to pop up and press releases sent out. One of the pieces making it's debut at NYCC 2014 is SKULLNADE by David Kraig. Known for awesome sculpted customs, David is releasing his latest sculpture SKULLNADE, at booth #419. Each SKULLNADE is cast in resin and measures around 4"L x 3"H x 2.5"W. SKULLNADE will be available in Black, Red, Hot Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue, with a GID version being exclusively available at NYCC 2014. A White DIY version will also be available to round out the color wheel. For those not attending NYCC, the SKULLNADE rainbow will be available to purchase online through the SKULLNADE website.

Custom 3" Sketchup Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest completed commission is a 3" Sketchup Dunny. Using a ship in a bottle theme, which is similar to a previously completed Skethup custom, Jon-Paul added a little twist to this custom. This wonderful custom is inspired by the classic novel Moby Dick. On top is the distressed Pequod, getting thrashed by waves, while the great white whale is dives below. Another incredible piece completed by Jon-Paul Kaiser. As with all of Jon-Paul's creations, the beautiful photos were take by Photographer Justin Allfree. Keep in mind, Jon-Paul may still be open for commissions, so head on over to his website and contact him for more info.
3" Custom Sketchup Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree

REVEAL: Dead as F#ck custom figure by Leecifer for Suburban Vinyl NYCC show

Custom resin Dead as F#ck figure by Leecifer: BatBear "Fuzzy Knight". Resin figure designed by JC Rivera and produced by We Are Not Toys. Custom is for the Dead as F#ck show taking place at the Suburban Vinyl booth number 208 at NYCC 2014- that's the Tenacious Collective, people! Your one stop for all toy art awesomeness. Swing by to see all the awesome pieces! More info on the booth here.