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September 19, 2014

OG Impala MINI 'Dia de Los Muertos' by Wild Westside

When Arik Ehle, Wild Westside, isn't busy creating stuff during his busy day job, he is expanding his OG Impala MINIs line with new editions. Available for pre-order now is Wild Westside's 'Dia de Los Muertos' edition of the OG Impala MINI wall mount. This piece is limited to just 10 pieces and priced at $70 plus applicable tax and shipping. Made with resin, wood and acrylic paints, the bust itself is made of a black light reactive, milky, semi-transparent resin. Each piece is hand painted with glow in the dark paint and affixed to a custom engraved wood plaque. Be sure to order one of these quick, since these are limited to just 10 pieces. Who knows, more colors may be on the way in the future.


George Nuggington Custom 3" Dunny by Nugglife

Nugglife's latest 3" Custom Dunny creation is "George Nuggington". As described by Nugglife, George Nuggington is the first founding father to recognize the importance of hemp to building USA. A 3" Dunny has been sculpted and painted with inspiration from a founding father, to create this amazing custom. To top it off, a pair of hemp planters were created to complete the theme. For those interested in this piece, this was a commission. Be sure to get in touch with Nugglife, Ian Ziobrowski, for any commission requests.

Custom Dead As F#ck Figure by Charles Rodriguez for NYCC2014 Suburban Vinyl Booth

It’s Friday and we are Dead as F#ck!! Custom Dead As F#ck resin figure by Venezuelan toy art superstar Charles Rodriguez (Red Mutuca Studios)! See this beautiful custom piece and many others at NYCC Booth 208 in the Suburban Vinyl space. The Dead As F#ck figure was designed by JC Rivera and cast in resin by We Are Not Toys. Follow along with IG hashtag #deadasfck to see all the artist pieces.

Maker Faire is this weekend in NYC

Maker Faire | The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth

Part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new, Maker Faire is an all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, students, and commercial exhibitors. All of these “makers” come to Maker Faire to show what they have made and to share what they have learned.

The launch of Maker Faire in the Bay Area in 2006 demonstrated the popularity of making and interest among legions of aspiring makers to participate in hands-on activities and learn new skills at the event. A record 195,000 people attended the two flagship Maker Faires in the Bay Area and New York in 2013, with 44% of attendees first timers at the Bay Area event, and 61% in New York. A family event, 50% attend the event with children. Also in 2013, 98 independently-produced Mini and Featured Maker Faires occurred around the world, including Tokyo, Rome, Santiago, and Oslo.

Maker Faire is primarily designed to be forward-looking, showcasing makers who are exploring new forms and new technologies. But it’s not just for the novel in technical fields; Maker Faire features innovation and experimentation across the spectrum of science, engineering, art, performance and craft.
Maker Faire is a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. It’s a venue for makers to show examples of their work and interact with others about it. Many makers say they have no other place to share what they do. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is often invisible in our communities, taking place in shops, garages and on kitchen tables. It’s typically out of the spotlight of traditional art or science or craft events. Maker Faire makes visible these projects and ideas that we don’t encounter every day.

NEW Lavabear shirts by Nathan Hamill at outsmART Originals

Outsmart Originals is proud to present two new incredible releases from artist Nathan Hamill. Based on his iconic designer vinyl figure, Lavabear, we are thrilled to be working with Nathan on these new releases. We have two t-shirt projects dropping in October with the first being ‘Lavabear Rising’ featuring the vibrant and sharp, eye-popping color design screen-printed on ultra cotton tees.

The second release, ‘Lavabear: Artist Edition’ depicts the character in an original hand-drawn design by the artist.  A mix between minimalism and abstract styles, the artist has created a classic version of Lavabear that is easily identifiable as well as fascinating.

**Both releases are now available for pre-order and will only be printed to order and are scheduled to ship in October. Men’s shirts will be screen-printed using ultra cotton tees for a classic and long lasting fit while the women’s tees will be printed on soft-style ring-spun cotton jersey tees for a flattering fit.

Join the Lavabear clan and proudly show your support for Nathan Hamill’s loveable creation.

"Lavabear was once a shapeless, colorless being created from stardust by The Those. Over time, he rose into a vibrant, ursine-esque creature.
His sole purpose was to guard the entrance to the Sacred Realms of Märchen and, along with it, its memories, treasures, and secrets.
The legend goes that if awoken from his deep hibernation, those foolhardy enough to trespass on his Sacred Grounds will be met with a terrible and ancient wrath.
His paws, it was said, shall lower, igniting the Eyes of Ulyssia and, with it, one thousand cursed flames. Once alive, Lavabear will seek down the intruders and bury their bones in his fiery belly…
…returning him once again to his deep, sound slumber."

- Nathan Hamill

Some seriously f#cking cool designs from amazingly talented artists.