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September 15, 2014

Latest Mouseketeer Army Releases from Bob Dob

Bob Dob recently released the last two figures in his Mouseketeer Army, Devil Lock and Liberty. Produced by 3D Retro, this latest release completes the set of 4 figures, which make up Bob Dob's Mouseketeer Army. Just like the previously released figures, Mouseketeer Wil and Death, Mouseketeer Devil Lock and Liberty stand at 6" tall and is priced at $80 plus shipping. Each figure is limited to 250 pieces, features a unique set of accessories and are also signed by the artist (when purchased through Bob Dob's website). In addition to being signed, each figure also comes with a Mouseketeer Army T-Shirt, patch and stickers. Bob Dob has also made a 4 pack of figures available, which includes all 4 figures of the Mouseketeer Army for only $300 plus shipping. Be sure to check out Bob Dob's online shop and join the Mouseketeer Army today.
Mouseketeer Devil Lock by Bob Dob

Mouseketeer Liberty by Bob Dob

Tiger Edition Vinyl Toy by Grimsheep

Many collectors in the toy world have little to no idea the frustrations and time it takes to have a vinyl toy produced. 5 years ago, artist Grimsheep (aka Owen Dewitt), sought out to create a vinyl toy based on his own design. Well, after much waiting and anticipation, Grimsheep and Happy Panda Toys have released the Grimsheep Tiger Edition vinyl toy. At 6" tall, this piece features interchangeable heads and 2 pairs of weapons. This edition features a Yellow Gi body and comes with both a Sheep head and Tiger Head. With more editions expected to be released in the future, different looks will be able to be achieved by swapping different heads with bodies. With the Grimsheep Tiger edition limited to 100 pieces, it's likely that future editions will have a similar number produced. With a price of only $50 plus shipping, this is a great piece to add to any collection. Be sure to check out Happy Panda Toys to pick up a Grimsheep Tiger.

Introducing Dead As F#ck by JC Rivera at NYCC2014

Introducing the Dead as F#ck figure by JC Rivera! Launching by way of a custom show at New York Comic-Con, this brand-new resin figure was designed by JC Rivera and cast in resin by We Are Not Toys. Follow tag #deadasfck on IG to keep up with news and artist submissions to the show. More info soon!