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September 10, 2014

AW177 Legendary Outlaw shirt by outsmART Originals

Now you can represent the Legendary Outlaws with this new design by artist AW177 aka Allen Wen.  Roaming the universe leading a rag tag group of mercenaries as the galaxy's protectors, the Legendary Outlaw, who was wrongly accused as being a traitor, is looking for support. His iconic helmet, recreated with incredible detail, has now been captured on this new t-shirt and will be made available for a limited time. In typical Outsmart Originals fashion, we've gone that extra step and added the hero's blasters (screen printed) on the back of our high quality tees.

Time is short and this design will only be made to order and once they're gone, they're gone for good, so pre-order yours today to guarantee the size you need. The shirts will be shipping on October 3rd, just in time for the upcoming New York Comic Con! Show your support for the outlaw and reserve your tee today!

Screen printed on the front and back for men on ultra cotton t-shirts for superior durability and classic fit; and women, the design will be printed (front & back) on super soft tees.
An incredible followup to AW177's 'Year of the Snake' and 'Machine Type', this is an awesome addition to his collection of t-shirt designs!

Project Bohna Skully by Blue-Frog World

New platforms are getting created and produced more often now, then ever before. With 3D printing and resin molding becoming more and more popular, it's quite simple to create a model(or have one created) and produce a low quantity of pieces to gauge interest. The latest addition to the ever increasing world of designer toy platforms comes from Blue-Frog World, it's called Bohna Skully. Blue-Frog is teaming up with Toy Chronicle and Toy Con UK to launch this latest platform. Looking quite similar to a modified MAD*L figure, Bohna Skully appears to have no articulation and has a stylized skull as the head piece. Based on some pics online, the overall piece seems to stand at about 4".
To help launch Bohna Skully, Blue-Frog is holding a contest which involves creating a design for the Bohna Skully using a provided template. Submissions for the contest need to be sent to BohnaSkully [at] blue-frog [dot] co [dot] uk. From the submitted designs, 3 designs will be chosen and put to a public vote. Blue-Frog, Toy Chronicle, and Toy Con UK will each choose a design to be voted on by the public. The winning design will be sent a Bohna Skully to customize, which will be displayed at Toy Con UK 2015. So, for all those who are keen, download the template and submit a design before October 10, 2014. No word on how many times a person can submit a design, but there is no theme or design limitations, other than having to create the design in chosen as the winner. In the meantime, check out the hashtag #BohnaSkully on social media to see what artists are coming up with.

Geek Stuff NYCC Exclusive #1 by Rich Page of Ume Toys

It's that time of year when all the New York Comic Con releases start going out and this is the first of a bunch this year for Big Kev's Geek Stuff.  Located at Booth 127 this year ( so not in The Block but around The Block) Geek Stuff will have have an assortment of exclusive toys and figures, prints, and other goodies to bring you. 

First up is Butt Plug, standing at just over 2 inches tall and limited to 10 pieces, this awesome resin design by Rich Page from Ume Toys is the latest in Rich's large catalog of original characters.  He will go on sale for $41 as soon as the con opens on Thursday an will not be limited to a certain number per day. Check out the attached photo's and be sure to swing by Booth 127 early as Rich's exclusives tend to sell out quick.