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August 19, 2014

Teddy Paul custom by dust aka David Stegmann

The most recent custom by dust is already sold to a private collector.

  • "Teddy Paul"
  • height: 32cm
  • Materials: Epoxy and Vinyl
  • Made of three different platforms: a munny (8inch) a dude  and as well the Ted platform dust designed for dudebox.
  • The coloring is made of spraypaint and acrylic.

Custom of the Month (The Customizers FB-group)

The custom of the past month (May) of The Customizer group on Facebook is...
customizer: Brandon Benson (Reverend Bonobo)
"Mummy Cat Trikky"

You can find the wonderfull work from Brandon here: Deviantart

Hoodsbee: The Hoodie That Becomes A Plush Toy - Back the Kickstarter!

 Hoodsbee is an innovative hoodie that transforms into a plush friend... or a plush friend that transforms into a hoodie. With Hoodsbee, there are so many options. This unique patented technology allows your little one to carry their travel plush buddy, put it on when it is cold, fold it back up into a plush and use it as a head pillow for when they are tired. It's as easy as 1,2,3! Fold, roll and snap! Now, not only do you have a pillow and a travel companion, but you also have a nicely wrapped up hoodie that is easy to store or travel with.

The best part about this new product is that it is being developed and produced by a friend of mine from college- a great guy with a lot of excellent ideas. Hoodsbee is being funded via a Kickstarter, and there's only 8 more days to go! I backed for 2 Hoodsbees for my niece and nephew. I'm stoked to see this one through! So get on it, people! Many more pics, info and videos on the Kickstarter page