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August 11, 2014

Mini Tooth Decay - Creo Design

Chris Alexander (Creo Design) has been fiddling away at sculpting an accurate half scale Tooth Decay - Mini Tooth Decay.

Standing at 3.5'' and made from Creo Designs unique solid resin system, this is a beautiful desktop replica of the original 7'' Tooth Decay.

Creo will be release 3 different versions for customers to select from and all 3 will be available to order on the 8th September 9pm GMT via

Options available

Signature Enamel - These will be handmade mini series by Creo Design - Produced in limited numbers these will be unique art multiples made by Creo Design. These will come in a unique metal tin, label and signed by Creo. 

Custom Enamel - These will be as per the original where customers can select from over 250 colours for the main body and over 40 colours for the tooth. Also choose to have a gloss or matt finish - so you can have your tooth decay the way you want it! These will come in a standard cardboard box.

Bare Enamel - This is a cast straight out the mould, unclean, unfinished and unpainted. As raw a cast as you can get - this will allow you to clean it up and customise it anyway you want. These come in a standard cardboard box

Prices are extremely low on all options 

Signature Enamel - £45 (£5 UK shipping £10 worldwide)

Custom Enamel - £40 (£5 UK Shipping £10 worldwide)

Bare Enamel - £20 (£5 UK Shipping £10 worldwide)

(shipping Discounts are given on multiple orders)


If you own a retail or online shop, blog, review site or just want your own limited mini tooth decay series in a colourway/finish of your choice Creo is offering a competitive package especially for you! Please email with your details and request. Please visit to see previous commissioned projects.

ALAVAKA blueblindbags

With SDCC just finishing up and NYCC on the horizon ALAVAKA wanted to do something for those who couldn’t make it out (and for those who did go and want more)! blind bags! What lurks inside…? Who knows, that’s the point! So try you luck and see what happens. Sold at random for $50 each via the DHP webshop. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old.