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August 4, 2014

Professorrix Please Paint More Toys

Instagram is super awesome, because not only do I not get solicited weight loss pills and housecleaning services in my feed all day, but I also find really cool creative folks- often with the help of other really cool creative folks. Sculptor @KevinPasko made me aware that painter @professorrix Aaron Rix would do well to paint more toys for us to enjoy.

Aaron is no stranger to painting, though this is the first time he's applied his skills and ideas to a vinyl toy- and it's beautiful. This Egyptian themed Kidrobot Trikky, titled "Jeweled Mummy Mau", looks like it should be behind glass in a collection of ancient artifacts.

If you're looking for a special custom addition to your collection, you can find Aaron at or follow along on Instagram @professorrix

I'M SCARED Ralf Figure - Shadow Edition by Craola x 3D Retro

With a successful Kickstarter last year to get I'M SCARED the movie created and into production, 3D Retro and Greg "Craola" Simkins were able to debut the Shadow Edition Ralf Figure at SDCC 2014. This figure is the first public released figure of Ralf, which is the main character of I'M SCARED the movie and a product of the successful Kickstarter campaign. The figure came out amazing, with more colorways to follow.
Greg "Craola" Simkins at the 3D Retro booth during SDCC 2014 - photo from 3D Retro Instagram
Craola was on hand at the 3D Retro booth for a signing during SDCC. All the remaining Shadow Ralf figures are available through the 3D Retro website, or store. Retailing for $70 each, plus shipping (and tax for CA), this edition of Ralf is limited to just 150 pieces. This black Ralf features GID eyes and comes in a stunning box. Get these fast and start the Ralf colorway collection.

Tracy Tubera Art - Guardians of the Galaxy Print

With the release of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, artists are putting out his/her respective rendition of the fab five. Tracy Tubera created a cool print of the GOTG team, titled "WHAT A BUNCH OF A-HOLES", which is available for pre-order now. Each print is 11"x17" on archival watercolor paper and each are signed and numbered. Tracy also put his Double T embossed logo on each print. Limited to just 50 prints, each print is priced at $35 each plus shipping. Prints are expected to start shipping around August 22nd, later this month. Although Rocket is saying the team is number 1 in the galaxy, this might be a print for an older crowd.

Go check out this print, as well as all the other prints Tracy still has available in his online store.

OG Impala MINI "Onyx" Edition by Wild Westside

Wild Westside, Arik Ehle, has the latest edition of the OG Impala MINI up for pre-order. The 3rd edition of the OG Impala MINI is the "Onyx" colorway, which features a flat black sculpture with some gloss black accents. The OG Impala MINI is a 1/3 scale piece, which measures 9"H x 5"W x 7"D. This "Onyx" colorway is Arik's favorite and just like the first 2 releases, this black on black OG Impala MINI retails for $60 plus shipping (and tax for CA people), with an edition size of 20 pieces. Shipping is expected to happen around August 25th.
Be sure to pick up one of these OG Impala Minis before they sell out, like the GID version. Also, stay tuned for possibly more editions in the future (Dia De Los Muertos possibly).

Kickstarter - Mayor 4 Crack by Mindzai x Rodger Beck

Mindzai currently has a Kickstarter to produce a 5 inch designer art toy, based on one infamous Toronto Mayor. Cartoonist Rodger Beck and Mindzai aim to get the funding to produce this desktop figure which will include several interchangeable signs, each featuring a different statement. Currently, there are still a lot of early reward backer spots left at 40 CAD, which includes the original colorway of the figure to be produced. With reward levels as small as 5 CAD, every little bit helps move the project to being a success. Mindzai has mostly everything needed to go into full production, including the digital sculpting files, packaging, and wax moulds. All that's needed is some additional funding to get this hilarious figure into people's hands. Check out the video and pledge for a reward level.

The Kickstarter runs until August 20th and needs 12,500 CAD to be considered funded. Spread the word and lets get something better than Potato Salad funded and created.