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June 20, 2014

Moon Seedlings from Taylored Curiosities x Sergey Safonov

Collaboration pieces are always great, often bringing two artists' worlds together, creating some sweet pieces. Penny, from Taylored Curiosities, recently collaborated with Sergey Safonov to create some Moon Seedlings. Each Seedling was hand sculpted and cast in porcelain, while being finished off with a woolen stem and a colored scarf. The larger seedling measures at a bit over 2", while the smaller Seedlings is about 1" tall. A very simple design which features some great work by two artists. Priced at 50 GBP each (~$85) plus shipping, there are 10 sets available, 5 red scarf and 5 blue scarf Seedlings. Each set comes signed and numbered out of 5.

Terrific Taylored Terrariums from Taylored Curiosities

Penny, from Taylored Curiosities, recently completed a couple of terrific glass bowl terrariums, each featuring some fantastic curious creatures called Spriggledops and plants from the world of Okemodrdyn. Each Spriggledop terrarium features a 4.5" x 6" glass bowl, needle felting, paint, sculpting and casting. The Spriggledops are original hand sculpted creatures which can be repositioned in the terrarium, along with the plants, making each piece customizable. To start, the available color schemes include a brown with greens terrarium and a brighter orange with purple terrarium, each for sale now for 50 GBP( ~$85). To make things even better, custom color schemes can be requested via email, through the Taylored Curiosities website.

Shadoe Delgado's ShadowBoss and Minions(redux) and (fractured) Shadowlapin

Here are Shadoe Delgado's 2nd and 3rd week's commissions.The first 3 peices are "Shadowboss and minions (redux)." The figures are customized around a 7" Munny (Shadowboss) and two Micro Munny Shadowling repaints.  The Mask on the Boss is removable and attaches using magnets with a layer of thin leather protecting the the face of the figure from any scratches. 

The second commission is the "(Fractured)Shadowlapin"  3" Dunny Shadowlapin with a broken mask and removable cigar.

Right now Shadoe Delgado has positions available for custom commissions from December 2014 to the end of May 2015. No platform is off limits.  He has also re-introduced gift certificates into his Shop for $50 and $100 or if you like he can create a certificate for a specific amount.

All inquires regarding commissions and gift card amounts can be sent to or you can contact him using the Form at the bottom of his Comissions page.