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June 4, 2014

LIGHBLACK - Dee and Mark Ash

OK, got to be up front with you here.... although I am a authorised dealer of LIGHBLACK,  I don't really know the full back story to this line....

From what I gather, its a lot to do with rival gangs, please try and decipher the following links here, part One, Two, Three and Four - makes interesting reading with great artwork!

Anyway back story or not, I really do love what LIGHBLACK are coming out with, many many other young companies have so much influence from Ashley Wood/threeA that it gets a little boring copying such an established style, but in my opinion, not so with LIGHBLACK*

Previous release was Zack Anderson..... the tailoring, the body, the accessories.... all top notch.

And today I was sent info from the company of their next release, not one but two figures, so i believe the 'Top Notch' will carry on with future releases....... i.e. Dee and Mark Ash!

Dee looking deadly in monochrome black and white, whereas Mark Ash is looking death in the face with a box of scalpel looking knives/blades.

They just get better and better, like I said the story maybe hard to follow but the fact is the figures are so cool,  quite a few collectors will want to buy either way!!

Looking forward to getting these in hand as preorders will go live soon from JPToys and OneSixthBruce!

Will put up more info as it comes available.

Thanks for reading

Wai Man

*My opinion!!

The Brand New HAZARAI Has Arrived!

HAZARAI is BACK!  Or if you're unfamiliar with HAZARAI, it's here!  HAZARAI is an online content sharing community for fans of all things Geek Culture. Your HAZARAI page allows you to create and display customized albums or "Racks" of your favorite geeky images, videos, GIFs and more, either from your computer or saved from around the web. You can share your Racks with the community so that others can "Re-Rack" things from them to their own pages (or you can make them private too if you like.)  

Racks are great for:

Showing off your passion.
Spotlighting your collection.
Showcasing what you're selling.
Displaying your work.
Publishing your web comic.
Or promoting your Kickstarter, just to name a few.

You can even create "Group Racks" and invite others to post to them as well - something great for collaborative projects.

+The Highest Fever 

My Brother was a Hero by Jermaine Rogers

We don't post a lot of Kidrobot around here.  But sometimes the artwork and message is so profound that we make an exception.  Such is the case Jermaine Rogers My Brother was a Hero.  
This place…these ancient woods that surround you: they belong to us. The trees that loom about you, silently granting you shelter and sustenance. The solitary, sun-spotted clearings where you filled the days of your youth with horseplay and dreaming. The cool streams snaking through this fertile landscape, where you quenched your thirst and bathed your body. It is ours - a sacred birthright. And it is worth any sacrifice.
There is a message in this piece.  There are many messages.  The important part is what it says to you.

+The Highest Fever

Atlantean Smasher, circa 1886 by DeeTen

DeeTen's latest, a commissioned piece, is the Atlantean Smasher, circa 1886.  It features his trademark style combining vinyl, wood, metal and acrylic.  It's finished off with a weathered look.

You can see more of his work in his store.