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June 3, 2014

Back the Little Maddie Kickstarter, enter to win a FREE Jason Freeny Gummi Anatomy figure

Back the Little Maddie Kickstarter at $60+ and you are entered to win one of 3 Freeny Gummi Anatomy figures
To support the Little Maddie Kickstarter campaign, we are offering up some sweet prizes to encourage backers to back at the $60 Maddie level- 3 Gummi Anatomy figures by Jason Freeny!

Gummis arrive in June, winners picked after Kickstarter ends (June 19). Must be a backer at $60+ and complete payment to be entered to win! Here's the link:

Ong Bak - Tony Jaa

I'm pretty sure many of you have seen the film... amazing stunts, no green screen, no special effects.... Just a bit of slo mo!

Its a long time coming, Storm collectibles have just released these images of their up and coming release of the Official Ong Bak 1/6 figure (pics are of the prototype)

No real details of yet but I just had to share with you Tenacious lot!!

All info I have at the moment is pre ordering news will be available in August, and Toy Station will be the exclusive distributor in Thailand.

I will update info when available

Thanks for reading 
Wai Man