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May 31, 2014

Angry Woebots - Howling Masher | 1xRUN Limited Edition Time-Released Art

Angry Woebots - Howling Masher | 1xRUN Limited Edition Time-Released Art

(24) pieces left out of the 100-piece run as of right now!! Click link above to buy.

The framing for this RUN includes a 1 Inch Black Wood Frame with UV-Glass, foam core backing and ready to hang hardware. At $50, this is a ridiculously amazing deal for a FRAMED Woes print.

"This is a newer style I been playing with, loose and more raw. It's the second Masher joint that I have done with 1xRun, I call it the Howler, it's my Taiwan dedication to the heat. I travel to Southeast Asia a lot and I knew it was gonna be humid as hell, so this is homie complaining about the heat ha. The original sits on my wall back home in Los Angeles, I kinda like it and I never keep my pieces so I think I'll keep this one. " - Angry Woebots

Gossamer sculpture by Playful Gorilla available at Menace Inc Studios

Alexis sculpted this one-off  "Gossamer" piece for the Menace Inc. Studios Show "Childish Playthings." Gossamer was the large hairy monster from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons! He is holding a Simon Says toy which according to Alexis is one of his favorite playthings as a kid. This guy is a custom sculpt and custom painted figure standing in at about 6" tall.

Gossamer is on display at Menace Inc. Studios in Greensboro NC and also available in their web-store at Home from Menace Inc. Studios at a price of $300.00. Link below:

Gossamer (Custom Sculpture) · Menace Inc. Studios · Online Store Powered by Storenvy

New exclusive: Bella Delamere (The Unwound Automation) by Doktor A

Long awaited but it's finally here after 2 years of problems, delays and other excuses. Final edition of the Bella Delamere by Doktor A. is The Unwound Automation 
Limited to 175 pieces worldwide and available now Bella is priced at €74,95 incl. TAX (€61,94 for the NON-EU customers) this price excludes shipping. To pick up one of your own head over to the Minty Fresh site.

Nerdirt Presents Kidrobot SF Friends from forgotten fairytales

In this episode, Nerdirt visits San Francisco's Kidrobot store to explore their new exhibit "Friends from forgotten fairytales". If you love designer toys and custom toys then this is something you should checkout. They do exhibits in-store often so if you miss this event then follow them on Instagram to keep updated.
 Instagram @kidrobotsanfrancisco @nerdirt
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Discordia Culture Shop | DEAD KOZIK BUST - PINK By Kevin Gosselin | Online Store Powered by Storenvy

Discordia Culture Shop | DEAD KOZIK BUST - PINK By Kevin Gosselin | Online Store Powered by Storenvy

DEAD KOZIK BUST - PINK by Kevin Gosselin
The tables are turned on iconoclast toy designer Frank Kozik as he becomes a giant vinyl bust.
The Dead Kozik Bust was designed and sculpted by Kevin Gosselin for the Kozik Tribute Show at the 1 AM Gallery in San Francisco in 2012. After receiving an overwhelming response from the art community and successfully funding a Kickstarter campaign, Kevin brings a scaled up vinyl version to production.
Originally standing at a modest 13 inches, the bust now towers at 15. With box art designed by the man himself, Frank Kozik, these busts are a must have for any Ultraviolence art collector.
-15 Inches Tall
-Rotocast Vinyl
-Limited Edition of 50 pieces
-PINK with GLOSSY Finish
$189 at Discordia

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