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May 29, 2014

Clown Life - Custom 20" Dunny by Ian Ziobrowski

Ian Ziobrowski's latest custom 20" Dunny commission is a called Clown Life. Based on Nugglife's Rusty the Clown, this huge custom Dunny features a lot of detail. 
"Being a homeless clown has been rough for this fellow Nugglife resident.  Everyday is a new hustle, whether its performing sidewalk tricks, selling Nugs, or pimping hoes, he's always on the grind."
Rusty the Clown features a scepter and crown, painted in a color scheme fitting for a clown named Rusty. The ears of the Dunny have been repositioned and a typical red Clown nose has been added as well. With a lot of area to cover on a 20" Dunny, Ian did a great job using paint to complete the overall theme of the custom. This custom will go well in a lucky collectors collection of custom clowns.

Be sure to check out more of Ian Ziobrowski's work and possibly hit him up for a commission spot.

Zombie Terror Munny by Toy Terror

One of my favorite artists on this moment is Toy Terror (Rich Sheehan). Love the depth of the paints in his work. This recent custom Munny show his whole style. Colorfull and full with details.

Follow Toy Terror here:

- Don P