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May 13, 2014

What're you doing on Sunday? Creatures Of The Sunday Night

What are your plans on Sunday? Maybe they'll include joining a fun creative activity cooked up by Brandt Peters & Circus Posterus.

The past few Sundays, Brandt has issued a #CreaturesOfTheSundayNight drawing theme over Instagram. The guidelines are simple; interpret the theme on the day it is given, post a photo to your Instagram and tag #CreaturesOfTheSundayNight

Participation is open to anyone of any background, and so far participants have ranged widely between casual fans, forum members, aspiring artists and professionals alike.



It's not a contest, or a competition, but there is a valuable prize on offer- creative feedback, direction, critique, tips & suggestions from Brandt and the creative community on The Sideshow Circus Posterus forum.

BP's delivering valuable knowledge based on experience as a professional independent artist. The cost of admission is $0, just participate in the drawings & forum discussion here. If growing what you do creatively is important to you, you'll be glad you did.

Check out #CreaturesOfTheSundayNight over Instagram and join the discussion on CircusPosterus forum.


I'd quite like to give the Yoo-Doo creater a high five...

Hot of the heels of yesterdays total d**k awards is something you might not expect... instead this is something so special I almost want to hunt down the brains behind it and give them a high five. Now just to be clear I'm in no way saying this guy is doing good- he's a bit of a c**k to be honest- but when you're so arrogant as to start a toy business selling DIY's of a DIY so universally popular and recognizable as a Munny by Kidrobot you at least deserve a golf clap.

And with that I present to you the Yoo-Doo, a 4" White DIY Vinyl product with a name that resembles a mid 90's catchphrase more than the name of a DIY product for the masses. Now I'm not saying this company (which up until a few hours ago had no social presence and has a website that would look dated in 1993) is a tad iffy and perhaps a quick-buck scheme but.... well OK, I am saying that. 

Seriously what else can it be? A quick Google search for "DIY toy" shows you a Munny, if you're not familiar with the Kidrobot product this is bootlegged from. If this company was seriously looking to breaking into the toy scene you'd at least expect them to do some research... or am I being mental? At $7.99 it's a low priced product and if it was something new then they'd be onto something. As it stands there probably gonna be sued by Kidrobot's lawyers. 


Ok so this got interesting fast, the folks over at Vinyl Planet Toys responded to the many post's stating the obvious. As you can read above this isn't some dude knocking out a copy of a more popular design, this guys buying and repackaging them from "some website". This is where it gets interesting, is it some factory/website in (insert sketchy country known for knockoffs) or are they in fact real Kidrobot Munny's ?. I'm guessing cheap knock offs seeing as Munny's are stamped on the feet, I could be wrong tho I hope I am I'd like this guy even more If he was that much of an arrogant c**k. 

- K

B-KAWS DIY figure available at Discordia Culture Shop

B-KAWS DIY figure by Necessaries Toy Foundation available at Discordia

B-KAWZ there isn't enough shit at Comicon already
B-KAWZ you are not a very discerning toy collector
B-KAWZ absolutely everyone bastardizes everyone else
B-KAWZ art imitating art is still art, geddit?

Call it what you will, is it a blatant rip-off or a noble tribute?
We at Necessaries Toy Foundation consider it a homage
to two successful and very respected artists.

It is also commentary and parody.

Is it an original idea? We think it is, but only in an esoteric sense.
In fact, it is a very original idea if you are a lateral thinker.

Appropriator? Perpetrator? Instigator?
It is what it is, and I yam what I yam.

B-KAWZ is a metaphor du jour. Merely this and nothing more . . .

11 inches tall
WHITE Edition of 250
Buy it now at Discordia Culture Shop!