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March 30, 2014

threezero x Titanfall = Epic!

Do I really need to add anything to what you can see in the pic!!!

From threezero Facebook page

Today we want to share with you something BIG!

Witness the rise of the Titans, as we will be making figures from first-person shooter multiplayer video game, called: Titanfall.

In Titanfall, players compete on a war-torn planet, playingas mech-style Titans and their pilots. We will disclose more details about figures, which we are making as we get closer to showing the prototype (which will happen really soon), however we can already say that Titan on this teaser is about 20" tall and will come with the pilot.

Yes 20 inches tall!!! its going to be huge!! without checking, think it maybe similar size to the threeA Real Steal figures released last year, if so, hope they look into the 'top heavy' aspect of the figure as the Real Steal robots are quite difficult to secure once posed.

Anyway, I'm off to have a blast on the game, will update news as soon as anything pops up on threezero!

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Wai Man

Hot Toys Marvel Winter Soldier round up.

In the space of a few weeks, Hot Toys Marvel steam train rolled in with 3 new preorders tied in with the worldwide release of Captain America The Winter Soldier.

Liking the weathering on the suit!

Fans will love this new version of Black widow!!

Head sculpt on this is fantastic

Now we will have to wait and see if Hot Toys will release the Stealth version on his suit, I guess very likely they will...

BUT no so sure about Falcon...

I've watched the film and I thoroughly enjoyed it, fans will for sure get all three and the preorders will sell very well.

Captain America: Golden Age version, Black Widow and The Winter Soldier are all available from your usual Hot Toys vendor, as for the others mentioned above, we shall see!

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Wai Man

Custom of the Month (The Customizers FB-group)

The custom of the past month of The Customizer group on Facebook is...
customizer Jon Paul Kaiser
Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead
Totally amazing custom, love the depth and the clean lines!

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