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March 26, 2014

New 8" Dunny from DeeTen

David "DeeTen" has been busy working down his commissions list, and shares this newest piece for a private collector. This piece, "Anti Air Siren", circa 1886, a custom 8'' dunny with wings! DeeTen shares with us:

"I was influenced by steampunk aesthetics and the 1927 movie Metropolis when I designed this figure. This piece along with most of my others are part of a story where they are artifacts from another dimension brought back to us in 1886." 

You can follow @deeten on Instagram and Twitter, or on his online shop here.

Rainy Day Antagonist Figure by Evilos Now Up on Kickstarter

Our friend Evilos has launched a Kickstarter to fund the production of his first original sculpt collectible! I've backed it, of course. Evilos is an undeniable talent and has been extremely supportive of Tenacious Toys. He's part of the crew. Let's get him to his goal, he's already well on his way!

From his KS:

 Hello, My Name is Christopher Avalos.

I've been a model maker and custom artist for well over 20 Years. In that time I've painted many different things. This year ive decided to make my own figure, I've had this idea for some time and through an amazing set of circumstances I'm ready to create my very first figure.

I've already gone and had the 3D sculpt professionally created, so we are half way there. But I still need your help. With your pledges I can hire a studio in the United States to produce the mold and the figures. So please check out all the rewards I have and their details here.

He is a character that I came up with a very long time ago when rainy weather would cause all sorts of delays. I don't have a traditional indoor studio like many other artists, my studio is outside and I rely on the great southern California weather to get my work done. Some days I cannot paint because of bad weather and that's what my Rainy Day character personifies. With your help and pledges, I can create a Do It Yourself White Resin figure that you can customize however you wish. He will come in five pieces for easy painting and is 4 inches tall. Just paint, put him back together and you will have a figure all your own.