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March 24, 2014

Season of Spring exhibition by Daniel Rolnik at the Flower Pepper Gallery
The Season of Spring - Flower Pepper Gallery

Daniel Rolnik, The Worlds Most Adorable Art Critic, was on Toy Break Episode 299, showing off some items he is showing at a current exhibit at the Flower Pepper Gallery in Old Pasedena. Daniel Rolnik is an art lover who blogs for many different sites, just so he can reach the appropriate crowd for every type of art genre. The Seasons of Sprint exhibit, curated by Daniel, centers around a neat idea in which Daniel sends all participating artists, an artist pack. Each cardboard envelope contained 2 pieces of quality paper and instructions for the artist to provide original pieces. One piece would be shown in a clear poly bag and header card, while the second piece(hidden behind the first) would be a surprise for the person who purchases the piece. A really great idea and pretty open ended. Some artists decided to forgo the provided paper and instead, create some really cool sculptures. All the pieces in the exhibit range in price from $20 to $200, which is pretty affordable for Original pieces of art.
Andrew Hadle, an illustrator and sculptor, provided 2 amazing sculptures, titled Dog and Duck.
Dog by Andrew Hadle

Duck by Andrew Hadle
An art collective, Salao Coboi, also provided sculptures for the exhibit, both of which can be seen in Toy Break 299. These pieces are pretty amazing and thought provoking to say the least. Salao Coboi started out as mutant art collective, but has since become a solo endeavor for Apolinário Pereira, co-founder of Salao Coboi.
Prince by Salao Coboi

Tony by Salao Coboi
For those able to, be sure to check out these pieces, along with many others at the Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena. The exhibit runs now until Friday April 4th.
 Flower Pepper Gallery, 121 Union Street at the corner of Raymond Ave., Pasadena 91103. Hours:  Mon.-Sun., 11 a.m.-6 p.m. The Season of Spring exhibit runs through Friday, April 4th.

SubUrban Vinyl Gallery Presents 1s and 2s A Custom Toilet Seat Show

Restroom, Bathroom, Washroom, Dunny (if you live down-under)... There are very few places you will return to and routinely spend more time in, than your washroom. So why is it so severely lacking in artwork? Well it doesn't have to be! This is the curatorial premise behind Sub-Urban Vinyl Gallery's upcoming "1s and 2s" Exhibition, featuring custom painted toilet seats.

Exhibition opens March 28 at Sub Urban Vinyl Gallery.

Contributing artists include:
Carson Catlin, Tasha Zimich, Soko Cat, JFury, Con Art Studio, Small Angry Monster, Nemo, The Jelly Empire, and more.

We've seen some WIPs surfacing (we all float down here!) including;

Con Art Studio

Soko Cat
Tasha Zimich

Stay tuned, and on the edge of your seats, for updates as they unfold. Curious about the show or a piece you've seen? Email

New Hell Lotus Teddy From Dust x MintyFresh

David "Dust" Stegmann reveals to us 1 of 2 Teddy pieces bound for release through European retailer MintyFresh. This custom Hell Lotus "Master Teddy San" features epoxy sculpted elements, spray and hand painted with acrylics.

Master Teddy San's minute fabric detailing is made more impressive by the minuscule figures seated and draped on Teddy himself. The balance in scale makes it hard to determine whether Master Teddy San is himself a creature, or a monument to even tinier beings. To inquire this piece, or submit questions, contact the artist directly by email at

The Last Knight by Andrew Bell Now Available at Discordia Culture Shop

This one is selling out fast, folks, so definitely don't wait too long before purchasing. I've seen countless images of happy artists and collectors who have picked this piece up. I think it really speaks to those creative types...

Our associates and advertiser Discordia Culture Shop has a few of Andrew Bell's The Last Knight figure on hand, available for immediate shipment. This beautiful 8-inch-tall vinyl piece is definitely not a toy, it's a work of art that can be proudly displayed in your home on your mantle above the fireplace, and won't make you look like an insane toy hoarder. Keep all those Dunnys locked away in your bedroom so your parents don't get that exhausted look on their faces when they see the Dunny collection...

Only $64.99 at Discordia! Click here to buy The Last Knight by Andrew Bell.