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March 18, 2014

"Shinigami" WWRp Caesar custom from Small Angry Monster

Adam Pratt's Custom Shinigami Caesar with modded rifle

Mr. Pratt, a.k.a. Small Angry Monster has blown me away with another amazing 3A WWRp custom figure. Using a Caesar as a base Adam created a robotic Shinigami, a legendary Japanese lord of death.  The weathering and details, like oxidation and prayer scrolls, are amazing and the custom katana really sets this WWRp custom apart.  

Shinigami brandishing its custom katana

Shinigami will be available Friday, March 21st at 2pm EST in Adam's store.

-The Highest Fever

SHFigurearts Shocking Sailor Saturn Reveal!

   To the delight of millions of Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon (Anime/Manga series) fans around the world, the infamous SH Figurarts started releasing deluxe, poseable figures of the main characters from this international hit series last year.

SH Figurarts Shocking Sailor Saturn REVEAL!

  However, SH Figurearts (A branch of Bandai Toys) shocked the world at Wonderland fest 2014, when they showed off a grey prototype of the senshi soldier of death and rebirth, Sailor Saturn. One can only speculate that this means they'll make all 10 of the main characters into deluxe figures!

The Sailor Senshi So Far
Thanks to Tomopop for these lovely photos!

 I hope that in addition to the heros that they also release some of the villains and maybe Tuxedo Kamen AKA (Tuxedo Mask)?
Let's keep our fingers crossed!
Which Sailor moon character is YOUR favorite?

-XOXO Otaku Milf (AKA Shonuff)

The Godbeast drops 5 new Kabuto Mushi MkII colorways tonight at 8pm CST!

The Glyos Universe has been waiting patiently for the second wave of Kabuto Mushi production figures from The Godbeast and tonight at 8pm CST in the online store, he is delivering no less than 5 new colorways! The 2 Kansas City Planet Comic Con and Chicago C2E2 exclusives will be available for limited online purchase, as well as three entirely new colorways that we've been seeing sneak peaks of for the last couple weeks.

All KM Mk II figures are about 4.5" inches tall and consist of 26 Glyos-compatible PVC/ABS pieces.

Here's all you need to know, straight from TGB himself:

GITD, Metallic/Pearlescent Black, & Ultra Silver will have a strict limit of 3 per customer.

The 2014 Kansas City Planet Comicon & Chicago C2E2 exclusive Metallic/Pearlescent Purple & Metallic/Pearlescent Blue will have a strict limit of 2 per customer.

All 5 figures will be $12 ea. + shipping and come complete w/ matching Mini Mushi figure factory sealed in the bag!!!


Sean Gallagher's Robo release on OBJECT covered in Mass Appeal

 A St Paddy's Day green Robo, designed by our friend Sean Gallagher ( and produced in resin by another friend, Kris Dulfer (Kid Ink Industries), was covered on the Mass Appeal site recently: